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Dodgers News: Joc Pederson Talks Before Historic Home Run Derby

Obviously – in terms of a Home Run Derby – that likely goes down as the grandaddy of them all. Indeed, I feel as privileged to write about it as I did watching it. Due to Joc Pederson putting on an absolute show, we got to see one of the most historic Home Run Derby contests of all-time.

Beforehand, he spoke with David Vassegh of AM570 LA Sports about competing in the competition.

Here’s what Young Joc had to say, prior to all those dingers. First, Vassegh asked if it was a highlight to be able to compete again in the competition again in 2019.

“It was a pretty cool opportunity, definitely a highlight of my career so far. If I am able to do it again, it’s a moment I can really enjoy with my family. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so just live in the moment.”

Then, Vassegh wanted to know if this was an event that he decided to do because he could enjoy it with his family.

“Absolutely, it’s an awesome opportunity and my first year everything was going so fast. To get a few more years in and not really be an All-Star or asked to be in the Home Run Derby you see how big of a deal it is opposed to my first year when everything was flying by so fast.”

Equally important, Joc’s brother Champ Pederson was in the house for the event. Vassegh wanted to know what Champ’s reaction was to Joc being a return entrant in the Home Run Derby.

“He’s pumped, he’s coming on a plane with us and all fired up. It’s always good to have Champ around and like I said it’s great to have family around. You put in a lot of hard work and time, it’s time to just enjoy it.”

In the end, Pederson lost by one home run to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in the semi-finals. Still, it was one of the most incredible displays of raw power ever seen in the contest.

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  1. It was great drama!………I loved it!……….I thought Joc was at a serious disadvantage when he had to go into the playoff rotation against Vlad having just finished his long routine……..that allowed a rested Guerrero the opportunity to take on a tired Pederson………I thought Joc was going to get toasted at that point of the contest……..but Joc stayed with him……… was impressive.

  2. ………….and after the contest I thought, wow, Joc’s really being held back……… “Dave’s” rotations have cost Joc at least 50 plate appearances so far this season……….just sayin………..

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