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Dodgers News: Joe Davis Likely Successor To Vin Scully

This is legendary broadcast Vin Scully’s 67th season calling games for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but it will also be his last one. That means that a successor is on the way, and it appears that one is already in waiting.

Joe Davis, a 28-year old play-by-play man from Grand Rapids, Michigan, will be the likely successor to Scully’s throne. Davis was hired by the Dodgers to start doing the play-by-play for 50 road games beginning during this 2016 season.

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From Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press:

It’s an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime, to follow in the footsteps of a Hall of Famer and maybe learn a couple of his tricks along the way.

Boy, that is pretty much the truth. Davis has a little bit of Scully in him. Vin became apart of the Dodgers’ broadcasting team in 1950, eventually taking over the full-time job in 1953. He was 25 years old.  Davis, at 28, has that in common with Scully. A youthful voice that is on the precipice of taking over for a famous one. In Scully’s case, it was Red Barber. In Davis’, it’s Scully.

Davis has called NFL games, MLB games, Minor League games, and all sorts of college games. He seems ready for this moment. And, if he is, then it could mean a wonderful partnership between himself and the Dodgers that lasts a very long time.

Replacing Vin Scully isn’t easy, or even doable. Instead, Davis will have to carve out his own section of history as he takes over the reins in 2017. It looks like 2016 is his trial run, and if all goes well then he’ll be the man welcoming everyone and letting them know that it’s time for Dodger baseball.

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  1. Talk about a no-win situation for this guy. You never want to replace THE MAN. You want to be the guy who replaces the guy who replaced THE MAN.

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