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Dodgers News: Julio Urias, Cody Bellinger 2019 Contract Details Released

Cody Bellinger and Julio Urias are soon to be handsomely paid in the game of baseball. For now, they’re young players finding their way to possible superstardom. Furthermore, they have not yet reached the heights of the maximum paydays within the game.

Before that can happen, each much travel the rite of passage of each player. On Tuesday, both players agreed to new contracts with the Dodgers.

Mike DiGiovanna released two tweets that tell us the details.

First, Bellinger agreed to terms on a $605,000 contract for 2019. Equally important – Bellinger receives a slight raise of $20,000 from what he made last year. While this may seem nominal, it’s still a lot of money to play the game of baseball! Without question – if Bellinger continues on his path – he’s going to see a few more zeroes added to his future years.

Bellinger is arbitration eligible for the first time in 2020.

Next, Urias agreed to terms on a $565,000 contract for 2019. Cots Contracts tells us that Urias made $550,000 in 2018, and $540,000 in 2017. Moreover, Urias has accrued just over one full year in big league service time.

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Someday off in the distance, we will pen an article about both of these players signing their first mega-deal. For right now it’s more about the (relatively) small dollars and cents and improvement within their game.

If there is one thing the game of baseball has shown – you will be rewarded for your body of work and accomplishments. As the resume of both of these young players continues to build in impressive fashion, so will their value.

Many eyes are watching.

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  1. Clint, I believe Dodgers should have done a bit better than that contract they gave Bellinger. However, we all know who the agent is for both him and Urias. And that said agent will have both players more than likely go out and test the FA market when the time comes so both players, unless given extensions before that time will most likely or probably end up elsewhere but wss.

  2. This is one of the problems with the game today. Teams are allowed to underpay players when they are young relative to their value to the team. The flip side is when they are older many FA’s have difficulty getting their big payday because they aren’t eligible until they are 30, or near to it. Form management’s perspective they want to pay as little as possible for talent and since they control young players they will get the edge over older more established players. This is good for the development and opportunities for young guys but not so great for players that were underpaid in their 20’s and are trying to get their payday in their 30’s. GM’s and owners don’t play that game anymore. This is going to be the biggest issue on the table at the next collective bargaining agreement negotiations. The system is broken.

  3. I never have understood when a team has possible elite players about to head in to arbitration why they don’t they just give them a large deal early to avoid ahead of time it would seem to me easier then having to do this at the last minute rather then wait until the season they go to arbitration?

  4. These two contracts and the last few off seasons are why the next CBA will be a blood bath. How long do these ownership groups think they can continue to turn a blind eye to this kind of crap. OH, wait……….till 2021. With the likes of Boras and his ilk, this will make Goodfellas look like Finding Neverland. Go Blue!

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