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Dodgers News: Julio Urías’ Injury Sounds Like More of a Precaution

Anytime there is an injury to a starting pitcher, Dodgers fans collectively hold their breath. That’s what sort of season 2021 has brought for Los Angeles with pitchers dropping left and right for most of the year. 

So when Julio Urías was placed on the injured list prior to Saturday night’s game, fans were understandably worried. The Dodgers put him on the 10-day IL and called up Zach McKinstry from Triple-A to fill his spot. 

But the good news is that it is mostly precautionary. The Dodgers placed him on the list one day after being hit on the leg during an at-bat. Julio had previously said that he was not bothered by it, but Doc cleared up the injury designation on Saturday night. 

It’s just something that you’re talking about the lower half. We don’t want to put him in harm’s way. There was some swelling to that calf. So if we can skip him (for a start), get him right. Hopefully, it’s just the 10 days and get him back in there. You just don’t want the mechanics to be compromised by a lower-half contusion.

The Dodgers will only need to skip one of Julio’s starts, at least that’s the hope. They would likely need to go with another bullpen game if that’s the case, but they’re already shuffling to find guys to start games as it is. 

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With Tony Gonsolin and Clayton Kershaw still on the mend, the Dodgers don’t quite have the arms to get them starts 5 days a week. Julio’s injury could present the team with an interesting week ahead of them. 

Dodgers News: Julio Urias to Injured List, Zach McKinstry Recalled from Minors


    1. Now does everyone including that idiot of a Comissioner Manfred realize the reason for having a DH in the NL. If there was a DH Urias would not be on the IL. If Dodgers simply wanted for him to skip a start, fine. This injury could have totally been avoided.

        1. The Union turned it down because that idiot Manfred made it conditional with a shortened and delayed start of the season and expanded Playoffs after going from a 60 game season to having to ramp up to a full 162. They may have felt that would be too difficult. Believe me, ask any NL GM and manager if they would have wanted to protect their pitchers. The league considered this a monetary issue and thought there wasn’t any health and safety issues involved. Next year, I’m sure the Union will want a DH in NL as part of a new CBA.

          1. Nothing wrong with a full season and expanded playoffs. The players are the ones who ruined this opportunity……….

  1. I would just point out that Clayton Kershaw’s IL move also just sounded precautionary until it wasn’t.

    1. Arm injuries, such as strains, tend to have bigger ramifications than do leg bruises.

      1. As far as expanded playoffs, I too am surprised the Union turned it down. They could have worked out a plan that would benefit both sides and perhaps a DH could have returned. But making it conditional is what the Union had a problem with.

  2. If anyone thinks this so called injury is debilitating, I have a bridge I want to sell.
    It’s just more musical IL.

  3. I don’t think the injury to Urias is a big deal, but I also have zero trust in statements and judgements the Dodgers make about injuries. They should’ve put JT on the IL. Instead they bring him back with limitations. Do they really want to risk a severe groin injury that might put him down for the post season? Let it heal 100%. He can use the rest anyway.

    While it would be nice to win the West again, the focus should be all about the playoffs. Healthy and fresh arms and legs and groins and hips and hamstrings and whatever the hell else is bothering the players. I’m pessimistic about this team, but if they can be ready in October with a strong Buehler, Scherzer, Urias, Treinen, Knebel, Graterol, Kelly and even Kenley it could be very interesting.

  4. IMO what it really is. Roberts and Co. once again being sooooo arrogant thinking we can blow out the Pirates without our #3 starter or #4 starter. After this all nighter, limited sleep going home on a turn around day, it looks like another flat series coming up. Hope we can win 2…….And hope the Mets wake up against the Vagiants because we can easily be 6 out or more by the end of the week.

  5. Urias leg should be fine but Roberts keeps babying these growned men. Every game is important no time for being a wimp I’m sure Julio wants to pitch. Also time to use Barnes as the regular catcher period.

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