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Dodgers News: Julio Urias Is ‘Proud’ Of The ‘High Praise’

The 19-year old left-handed phenom from Mexico is being groomed for success. In a lot of ways, some see Julio Urias’ ascent to superstardom in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization almost akin to that of Fernando Valenzuela’s.

Last week, MLB Pipeline named Urias as the top left-handed pitcher in all of the minors. Following that lofty ranking, Urias talked to Ken Gurnick and David Venn of about that honor.

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From Urias’ interview:

“The truth is, I’m proud that they’ve given me that high praise,” Urias said in New York. “It gives me strength to keep working, work harder and achieve the goal I have in my mind.”

Knowing a prospect isn’t overwhelmed by the lofty expectations is certainly heartwarming. It sounds like Urias has a great head on his shoulders and is ready for everything that comes his way. He’s definitely a hard worker.

To better prepare him for that future ahead of him, the Dodgers sent Urias to MLB’s Rookie Career Development camp in New York this offseason. It’s where teams send their upper-echelon prospects so that they can teach them how to deal with those lofty expectations and the spotlight that comes with them.

The Dodgers have gone out of their way to give Urias all the tools for him to be successful in the future, and it’s up to him to take those tools and put them to great use. So far, he’s done just that.

In 2015, Urias finished with a 3.81 ERA while striking out 88 batters in 80.1 innings. He had a 2.77 ERA and 74 strikeouts in 68.1 innings while in Double-A.

Having a special talent in your farm system is lovely, but properly preparing them for the future is a tough task. It seems like the Dodgers are doing that, and it certainly seems like Julio Urias is taking those helpful tips in order to become a star down the road.

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