Dodgers News: Justin Turner Comments On Clayton Kershaw’s Extension

When thinking of the fiber of the Los Angeles Dodgers – Justin Turner and Clayton Kershaw intrinsically come to mind. The fiber of the Dodgers on the two sides of the ball, both well into their prime years. And so it was interesting to hear Turner’s comments on Kershaw’s new pact with the Dodgers.

Turner had the chance to speak with Alanna Rizzo of Sportsnet LA at the Dodgers annual Veteran’s Day batting practice. Rizzo asked Turner what it’s like to know he will have Kershaw in a Dodgers’ uniform for at least the next three years.

“Obviously that was one of the biggest things that we had to get done this offseason. I’ll speak for the rest of my teammates, and say that we couldn’t be more happy that Andrew [Friedman] and Clayton got together and figured it out. He is the Dodgers, obviously there is a lot of names up here on the wall that have had their numbers retired. Very few guys, when you say their name you think ‘Dodgers’. Whether it’s Tommy Lasorda, Don Newcomb, or Vin Scully; Clayton Kershaw definitely falls into that category.”

It’s lofty praise – and it’s nice to see one of the pillars of the Dodgers glowing over Kershaw being back for the foreseeable future. Moreover, Turner isn’t just giving a nice quote here. He’s genuinely happy that his team doesn’t need to go find another leader of the pitching staff. The band will remain mostly together for a little while longer.

Turner was also asked the impact of David Freese sticking around for another year.

“I was almost just as excited. Freeser came over here and in his short time impacted this team in so many ways. Obviously, the performance on the field speaks for itself. But the conversations, the communication; in the clubhouse down in the tunnel. Preparation wise and information on guys. It was just off the charts, all-around. For me it was a no-brainer to pick up his option.”

Justin Turner is very happy, and healthy right now. If those things remain in-tact when 2019 begins, I feel badly for any opposition that stands in his path.

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  1. As one of the leaders of the team he should be blunt with Kershaw and say we are never going to reach our goal until you have a cover to cover postseason like David Price finally did.

  2. 1. You don’t talk that way to a teammate, especially the heart and soul of the Dodgers, whom Buelher recently called “the pillar of the franchise.”

    2. The second comment above is exactly right.

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