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Dodgers News: Justin Turner Expected to Be Out For a Few Days

For the most part, Sunday was a very good day for the Dodgers. The offense came through and they were able to take a series win against a team they should beat almost every time they play. Unfortunately, they don’t get to leave Los Angeles with total health. 

Justin Turner was removed from the game in the 2nd inning of the Dodgers win. He was spotted in the dugout talking with Dave Roberts and appeared to be lobbying to stay in the ballgame. Doc and the staff obviously decided that was not going to happen. 

Turner was replaced by Albert Pujols in the lineup and Max Muncy slid over to third base. But from what it sounds like, the Dodgers are expecting to be without Turner for a few days. Even with the off-day on Monday, Doc expects him to remain out. 

I think right now, it’s day-to-day. That play going towards the line, it was that left groin that sort of checked him up. Got him out of the game, treated him up, and we have the off-day tomorrow. So I think I don’t want to put a timetable on it, but he’ll be down a few days and then we’ll reevaluate. 

The play in question happened on a ball that JT was ranging to his left for. It was a great play, but he came up limping near the Dodgers dugout when the camera cut back to him. Apparently that was the groin issue. 

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If the Dodgers have to be without Turner for the Phillies series, they have a number of options over at the hot corner. Chris Taylor could come in from the outfield and give AJ Pollock more at-bats. That would also allow Trea Turner to remain over at second base with Seager at short. 

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  1. OK another Injury another Lineup adjustment, Dave here is your lineup for the week or until someone else gets hurt. AND NO BELLINGER. I don’t care if he hits a home run once a week. 1 run HR vs Rally Killer strikeouts and pop up outs do not make a major league hitter, just ask anyone who knew Dave Kingman. When Corey is willing to take instruction on his stance and become at least a .250 Hitter he can be the LH bat off the bench plus late inning Defensive replacement and Albert the RH.

    Gavin was not getting a lot of hits but he was punishing the ball with contact. Let him Play. Corey could be the future at 3rd base IF the Dodgers pay him.

    SS Trea Turner
    3B Corey Seager
    RF Mookie Betts
    1B Max Muncy
    CF Chris Taylor
    LF AJ Pollack
    C Will Smith
    2B Gavin Lux

    1. Lux could be a key factor come the off season before the 2023 season. Why? Because there’s an outside chance Dodgers may have lost both Seager and Trea Turner to FA.

    2. RC73: I saw Kingman hit one out of Wrigley. In person. It bounced so high off Waveland? you could see the ball. That being said, Kingsman was NOT a good player. A 16.3 WAR in 16 seasons. Bellinger is an elite fielder. Kingman was a below average fielder. Bellinger is an elite runner. Kingman was below average. Bellinger has a bad stretch due to injury and and still has a better lifetime batting average. By 28 points! Better lifetime WAR. By .6 in 5.5 seasons. Kingman had 16 years! And while with Cubs was caught water skiing in Lake Michigan while he was on the DL. !!! Man! Here I am again about Bellinger. And by the way, he has a 6 game hitting streak. Was robbed of a hit by Adam Eaton last night. Dude! The guy rehabbed on the MLB roster. He is just now starting to get on track.

      1. Well how about that at least I got everyones attention making that comparison. Bellinger’s lifetime numbers are much better in every category you just mentioned, unfortunately his last 2 years or ever since the first half of the MVP season, his numbers do nothing for me, nor his lost in the dark playoff numbers. Stop with the shoulder injury rehab excuse, this has been going on since the second half of 2019 his MVP Season. We all want Bellinger to do better and return to his Previous numbers, What I have said is in his current state he does not belong in this lineup if you want to win. You can not carry that big of a hole. Almost Every time he comes upon with runners in scoring position he kills a rally.

        Now in regards to Kingman, Corys numbers in 2 years are trending closer to him than you want to admit. Kingman hit a HR every 15 ab / Cory every 15AB, Kingman Lifetime a K 27% of the time / Cory 25 % of the time. It is not a good trend and as I said he needs to listen to someone about his ridiculous stance that crowds the plate straight up, bat laying flat on his shoulders and long off plane swing. In the playoffs all the good pitchers pitch him inside with either braking pitches or High fastballs neither of which he can hit.

        Thats ALL.

        1. Thats Strikouts, Kingman 27% to Corys 25%, As far as war goes, Kingman Stunk in the field. But defensively, I can find Taylors numbers close enough to justify putting him in CF in place of Bellinger.
          Bottom Line, Belli will swing himself out of a position if this continues and a 6 game hitting streak of 1 for 4 with 3 ks or 2 ks and a popup will not help this team.

  2. I cringe every time JT is forced to slide, bust it down the line or, in this case, make difficult plays. I remember Garciaparra’s (as a Dodger) on field warmup routine…extensive! I’m guessing JT’s is something similar, but Roberts is right to sit him. We can’t afford to lose him!

  3. Once again, Roberts and Co. are willing to play a man short on the roster. That irritates me to no end because most teams play with their full 26. Put JT on IL, and back date it . Get another player up here for crying out loud! But since injuries are a daily thing, maybe it won’t matter.

    1. Players 56 years ago played through pain
      Today’s MLB clubs concoct injuries to manipulate the system.
      The LA Dodgers are best in baseball doing so.

  4. It should be too early to characterize a 1 week stretch of games as make or break. However, the fact that the Dodgers are embarking on a 6 game road trip with 3 games against the red hot Phils and 3 games against the Mets, while the Giants play 2 against the D’backs and 4 games against the Rockies, creates a likelihood, that the Dodgers are going to lose ground to S.F.
    The Dodgers must win 4 of the 6, at least, and that’s not going to be easy, especially with JT’s injury.
    The Giants will look to put the hammer down on the Divisional race by expanding their lead by at least 2 games over the next week.
    The Dodgers, who have been jump started by T. Turner, will need to reverse the trend of losing close games against the better teams and that needs to start right now.

    1. I agree that this next week will be a turning point one way or the other. The Giants show no let up in their great season while the Dodgers continue to fall to injuries and play below their “on paper” ability. August is not the critical month, that’s usually September, but if the Dodgers dig themselves a hole too deep, there’s no climbing out, absent a total collapse by the Giants. Hopefully and the end of this week this club will still be in the race. Time to get out my very old official Don Hook infielders glove and rub it up for luck!

  5. Pollock is the hottest hitter on the planet. Tearing the cover off the ball. Bat him 3rd. No Brainer…Mookie can hit 5th…Dodgers are lucky they don’t face Wheeler who just threw a complete game win……

    1. Let me say that at least Pollock should not sit just to accommodate Bellinger in CF. Sitting Pollock right now makes Roberts look foolish, unless he’s being told by Freidman to do that.

        1. That is why he is going nowhere, regardless of fans’ irritation at him at times.
          He’s the highly paid yes man.

      1. Look at Taylor since he became the everyday player. If Roberts really wants to screw up opposing managers he has got to change his “Everyday” predictable righty lefty and also strength of line up. He should announce a starter once in a while, then on game day start someone like Bickford to get teams like the Vagiants and or even the Phillies to adjust their late inning matchups. Pitch Bickford when he announces Price for instance. Then, have Price ready to pitch in the 2nd or 3rd. Get the matchups earlier in your favor. Do something out of the ordinary for once. Throw down some bunts just to keep em honest. Roberts and Co. are WAY to predictable and very easy to have the advantages against in Later innings. That’s why the poor record in extra’s. Very easy to know what they have and what they’ll do. Pitch Kenley in the 7th once in a while. Quit worrying about what these primadonna’s and entitled players think. Come up with different game strategies for Once!! Guarantee it will make the game different at the end….

  6. Would love to see Seager at third and Trea at short with Taylor at 2b but it won’t happen…CT3 is slotted into third. Doc doesn’t have the stones to move Cory to 3b and has already told us Taylor is at 3b for now.
    Lux won’t be in the lineup much given the trade. Expect Cody in center, if only for defense.
    A lineup with Bellinger as your weakest hitter ain’t bad especially when he is the only weak hitter in it. Play the hell out of Pollack while he is hot.

    1. Cory has indicated a desire to remain at SS. Now he’s a FA after this season so wss. If JT wasn’t injured, he’d of course be at 3rd and if Betts can play in RF, then against a LHP Bellinger would not necessarily have to be in lineup with Pollock in LF, CT3 in CF ,Betts in Rf. Trea Turner at 2nd as long as Seager is in lineup too.

  7. To play or not to play that is the question. All on merit please. Who’s getting the job done. When your line up is so good it could be a difficult decision to make a winning start. Have no fears the fans are hear to help you out. Play Pollock as a starter and a player of the week a real possibility. I can’t believe that the great play J T made hurt himself. To bad as now every play he makes will be looked at for injurie’s. Maybe he should move to first or second.

      1. That is why the FO was hesitant to sign him for the money he wanted. He was already slowing down and needed time offs. He said he had lost weight and was in the best shape @ the start of the season. Seems like somebody is slacking off, or not getting his full pregame stretching in. From before the all-star break his reaction time has slowed down offensively and defensively. His arm strength is down and his strike outs and pop- ups have increased. IDK if he can last the whole season as Father Time is taking it’s toll on him. He’s a good teammate, but like all great athletes say, “the older you get , the harder you must work @ staying on top.”

  8. Corey must move over to play 3rd can do way much better than Turner leave Trea at short Taylor at second Muncy at first Pollock at left no more platooning Cody center and mookiie in right that should be our everyday lineup with Barnes and Smith splitting catching duties and JT taking on a David Freese role he can’t be starter anymore .

    1. I would agree to your line-up for RH pitcher, when one of your regulars go down they have to improvise and move guys around. I would suggest for a LH pitcher, Muncy must sacrifice ( I know he doesn’t want to) and move to 3rd; Pujols @ 1st; CT3 to center in place of Belli ( can’t hit lefties); Seags @ short; Trea @ 2nd. Pujols (good against lefties), and JT could platoon like a Freese role, as you’re going to need only one of them on the bench and the other on the field. However, I would move Pujols down in the order to maybe 7th in front of either catchers @ 8th. Pujols replacing Belli against lefties is a better option of getting a hit although sacrificing speed. Now if Belli starts to turn it around then of course he plays.

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