Dodgers News: Justin Turner Not a Fan of New Foreign Substance Checks

Recently, on the “Holding Kourt Podcast,” Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner shared how he feels about the foreign substance checks that have now been enforced throughout the league. 

Over a month ago, Rob Manfred began enforcing the no foreign substance rule throughout the entire league, which includes umpires checking pitchers when they come up to the mound or anytime during the game.

Many players have made arguments against this policy and now that includes Justin Turner. When talking about the pressure pitchers are under without any kind of substance, he said: 

I feel like the commissioner knew about this for a few years now and I just don’t know what he could have done or if he could have prevented this before it got out of hand, but for the guys that have used something just to have tack or feel for the ball, now they’re getting punished.

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Turner goes on to talk about how he thinks this can become a bad look for the league.

Some of these pitchers aren’t happy with this and they’re just making an absolute mockery, like I said, Romo basically undressed for his check…so that’s another thing that is just going to be a bad look. 

Turner is talking about Sergio Romo, the Athletics pitcher, who made sure to make a statement when getting checked by the umpires. 

In his final remarks about the subject, he says how he thinks this is going to play out in the league.

I think they’ll probably monitor and see how it’s going for a couple of weeks…I have a hard time seeing this happening every single game for the rest of the season. It’s not good, it’s not good for the game. These inspections are not good for baseball.

The league is still doing foreign substance checks and Rob Manfred feels that it is going well, so many will have to wait and see how long it will last. 

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