Dodgers News: Justin Turner Saddled By Knee Soreness

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ bid to get healthy for a postseason run a third consecutive year was buoyed Friday with Howie Kendrick getting reinstated from the disabled list. A hamstring strain forced Kendrick to miss 34 games; he didn’t appear in Friday’s game, but was back in the lineup Saturday.

While Kendrick returned, Justin Turner’s health has been better as he was removed in the seventh inning Saturday due to left knee soreness. “It doesn’t really prevent me from doing anything, it just isn’t comfortable,” Turner said after the Dodgers’ loss.

Turner felt the discomfort running out of the box on his first-inning double. “It was pretty uncomfortable the first couple steps and sliding into second didn’t feel great,” he said. “As the game went on and on, it started getting worse and worse. Figured I would get out of there and not do anything too bad to it.”

His only other at-bat of the game came in the fourth inning, which was a groundout to third base. As for fielding his position, Turner only had one grounder hit to him — in the second inning.

The soreness is in the same knee Turner fouled a pitch off earlier this season, which forced him to the ground for a few minutes. However, he’s uncertain whether the two are related. “I fouled a ball off my knee in the same spot,” he said.

“I don’t know if it’s something that’s lingering from that, but it got almost unbearable.” Turner is hopeful the injury won’t linger over the remaining two weeks of the regular season, but doesn’t expect to play Sunday. “It looks like I probably won’t play tomorrow,” he said.

Although the Dodgers certainly are better off with Turner’s bat in the lineup, Kendrick’s return should better aid the club’s effort to offset any time the 30 year old may miss. With Kendrick available to sprinkle in at second base, it allows for Chase Utley to start at third base.


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