Dodgers News: Justin Turner Slams Cardinals Owner, Kershaw’s Big Gift to AJ Ellis, Cry Baby Cora, and More

Another week of no Dodger baseball. Not fun. In what proved to be another showing of how far apart baseball owners and players are, broken negotiations escalated to jab-shots taken at each other through statements.

It’s bad and it’s ugly, there is no good.

MLB News: Players Union Resoundingly Rejects Latest Proposal and it’s Getting Personal

These jabs came after another poor offer to the players issued by MLB owners.

MLB Issues Abysmal Offer to Players, Due by Sunday

One big subject in question is the financials in baseball. A $10 B industry only a season ago is now arguing that it isn’t exactly profitable. In fact, St. Louis Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt pissed and moaned about the industry being not “very profitable.”

Justin Turner strongly disagreed.

Dodgers: Justin Turner Goes OFF on Cardinals’ Owners Financial Claims

Again, just plain ugly. As Bob Nightengale of USA Today said in a column on Sunday, “so there will be baseball, but the joy of a 2020 season has vanished…”

Hard to argue that.

In other Dodger-related news, former LA backstop and fan-favorite AJ Ellis joined the guys on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk where he revealed what Clayton Kershaw gifted him for calling and catching his 2014 No-Hitter.

Dodgers: AJ Ellis Reveals What Kershaw Bought Him After His No Hitter

And in cry me a river news, notorious MLB cheater Alex Cora did his first interview since being listed as the mastermind of the Astros 2017+ sign stealing scandal. In the interview, he happily threw the whole team under a bus.

MLB: Former Dodger Alex Cora Throws Astros Under the Bus in Cheating Scandal

Be ready for the anticlimactic announcement that baseball is back some time early this week. Whether the players like it or not.

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