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Dodgers News: Justin Turner Speaks On State of MLB Free Agency

First, it was Clayton Kershaw who voiced some displeasure on the status of baseball’s free agency. Now, the Dodgers’ players union representative and elder statesman Justin Turner is chiming in.

While it’s concerning to hear two wise veterans on one ball club express concern on the matter, neither was overtly negative. Still, baseball seems to have an iceberg ahead. Moreover, this could lead to a potential work stoppage in 2022; something no one who loves the game wants to hear.

Turner tells Bill Plunkett of the OC Register that it’s concerning to see Bryce Harper and Manny Machado still lurking in free agency waters.

“I think it’s just frustrating,” Turner said. “Obviously, there’s a lot of anger, displeasure because guys know this year it’s Manny and Bryce but next year it could be that player. There’s a lot of that going on.

“Also … we show up every year because we want to win a championship. I mean, there’s nothing else out there. The awards are great, but at the end of the day it’s about trying to win a championship. When you have that caliber of player that are still available, I feel like a lot of guys think those guys would help their team and are trying to figure out why aren’t we taking advantage of these guys still being out there?”

Accordingly – if you side with the players on this matter – you agree with Turner. Other veterans around baseball have opinions on this. For instance, Adam Wainwright released a string of tweets addressing the ‘why’ of discord amongst players.

Either way, baseball needs to get this figured out. There should be enough money to go around and prevent baseball from not happening. If a strike takes place, everyone loses.

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  1. Not exactly sure what there is to (figure out). Two more years of free agency. By then even the players should be able to figure this out. It’s certainly not going to get better for the players so they will have to accept it or find another carreer that pays them the same lOL. Or they could go on strike. The owner have suddenly realized how dumb they’ve been over the years. Baseball is a business and no business pays 50% of revenue to salaries. What has to happen is start paying the young producers more money in their prime. And that will be a slow process because players don’t really care about the rookies.

    1. Im a players guy–but I wouldnt pay Harper or Manny 300 million–they know someone will and they listen to Boros who has NOT been good for Baseball—Look most all of the owners suck–thats just the way its always been-since the beginning–there are many things that could be made better but 10 yr contracts are not one of them–how about paying the Minor leaguers more money–they get nothing–maybe 35 k a year if that–also make the team pay them and put the DH in the NL forget the time clock for pitchers–thats not baseball

  2. Baseball Players need to figure it out alright and more importantly their ego driven agents.

    Harper or Machado can easily sign 3-4 year contracts for great money. But teams seeing very long term contracts become losers for the signing team later in the contract have apparently and I think rightfully decided not to sign 5-10 year deals.

    People are incentive driven, if a player has a contract for 10 years and is not on a team that can win the WS what incentive is there to push harder except for their competitive drive? Once these players have a guaranteed 10-20 plus million in the bank I think many lose touch with reality when it comes to salaries.

    The Players Union agreed to the last contract. They should have paid attention to their counterparts in the NBA that had a minimum cap for each team. If they do not figure out the new financial realities I believe there will be a very long strike which would be tragic.

    The star players that feel entitled to 7-10 year 30 plus million a year are denying the factors making those contracts no longer viable, As more teams rely on Sabermetrics, the penalties triggered at going over the spending cap and teams needing a return on the Team financially the insane contracts signed by Pujos, Hamilton and others are out of favor . Many Teams have been purchased or are becoming 100 million or in some cases Billion Dollar corporations.

    Absolutely the players should negotiate to get their fair share. But the landscape I believe has changed. With the Yankees and Dodgers working toward financial stability and not blowing up the cap the entire contract structure in the MLB has changed and the players & their agents are in denial..

    1. Spot on, tmaxter! Players Assn. needs to be realistic on this and stop acting like too many unions like Police (who maintain the “Blue Line”: no cop is ever guilty….undercutting all the good ones). If I was an owner, I wouldn’t want to gamble on a 10 year contract….too much can happen in 10 years….YIKES! The pendulum needs to settle nearer the middle and that requires wisdom, moderation, and less greed and insecurity on Owners and Players parts IMHO.

      1. Let me add that if players and owners are not aware of how damaging that 1994 strike was, some thing is very wrong if a work stoppage is the only way they feel would be the answer. On the series by Ken Burns, “Baseball” i recall them saying how many or most of the lowest paid MLB players STILL make more in one week by a lot than most Americans make in a year! If over all greed on both sides isn’t the big problem behind this then I don’t know what is..

        1. John and Paul I agree…The biggest issue for me is other players complaining about Harper and Machado not signing completely ignoring those agents are obviously asking for a deal none of the teams so far are willing to give.

          I simply cannot feel sorry for players that are “Only being offered” a 3 year deal for $30 plus Million a year.

          Reportedly Grandal was offered a multi year deal from the Mets but not at the rate he wanted so he “Settled” for the Brewers at only $18.5 million for 1 year.

          JT Was almost out of baseball and on the Fringe he of all of them should understand what is going on and how ridiculous and juvenile the players sound. And the even more insane part is the teams are willing to give them the $30 plus Million contract just not GUARANTEED for 7-10 years.

          I think the clubs are sane and the players are INSANE…

          1. I hope these aren’t his true personal feelings. If they aren’t, it may be that the peer pressure to conform (bullshit professional line) is heavy. I’ve been in music all my life and it’s the same there: never tell the truth….give the “professional” line only to the public.

      2. Well stated JF. Harper & Machado .. and their agents came up with this 10 year – 300 million contract idea , and history has shown that’s not a wise way for owners to spend . They are very talented players . Compromise plays a part in all walks of life . Generous
        6 year deals sound about right .

  3. owners agents players and fans need to realize that free agency has ruined baseball ! look at what it costs for a family of 4 to go to a game: average for them is $200. or more ? come on in 79 I could go to Dodger stadium or The Kingdome in Seattle and costs was about $20. My kids could talk to the players and ask for autographs and get them ! My daughters and sons received many including Carl Yazstremski Cal Ripken Jr Dusty Baker and many others I am sorry I have not mentioned ! Now they want you to pay for them or are just plain rude if you ask because some fans have ruined and are selling them on whatever sight! Ticket prices are outrageous Players make millions of dollars and will never have to work another day after they retire . Who needs 30 40 50 million dollars in 1 year? I am 60 plus years old and see prices and selfish players ruining baseball ! you are talking strike in 2022 why because you and your agents say you are NOT making enough ? How much is enough? $10 hot dogs or more in 79 we were able to bring food from home or go buy 3 hot dogs for a dollar $ 5. coca cola or more beer $10. and whatever else? Souvenirs absolutely over priced for them but fans buy them because kids want them! and you can sell for $100 or more for $10 item? Come on l love baseball and am so sorry l can NOT afford to go to a game last game l went to in Seattle 5 years ago cost me $ 100 for 2 tickets plus driving over to Seattle $40. gas plus food! last game at Dodger stadium 2 years ago $300 including flight to LA!! What a shame you think you need this much money! pass some along and realize some fans cannot afford prices even though they want to go TV baseball is okay but sitting at Dodger stadium enjoying a game is fantastic ! Dave Niehaus is gone Jaime Jarren says he will be retiring Vin Scully retired now the announcers don’t seem to care? Some of them are monotone some okay where are the greats? Come on players owners agents help the fans! Don J.

  4. I love Turner but the concern the agents and players have with their desires not being met is falling on deaf ears. We are in different times and we have bills to pay, so when someone is not happy because what they see as their entitlement to hundreds of millions of dollars is not me, well then that’s just too bad. And if they decide to strike, life will go on. I can buy Dodger Dogs at Smart and Final and go see the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.

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