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Dodgers News: Kenta Maeda Contract Incentives Detailed

We’ve had our fun trying to figure out what kinds of incentives it might take to make Kenta Maeda’s contract worth signing on his end, but now those details have been made public. The contract seems very team-friendly.

While the contract might not have such incentives like “X-amount of dollars for hitting a bomb off Zack Greinke” (which I don’t think is necessarily legal), the actual clauses make a ton of sense for both sides.

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This, via the Associated Press.

  • Upon signing the contract and once the deal is approved by the commissioner’s office, Maeda receives a $1 million signing bonus.
  • If he makes the opening-day roster, starts in 32 games and pitches at least 200 innings in each of the eight years of the contract, he would earn all of the possible $106.2 million.
  • Maeda earns $150,000 each year that he makes the opening-day active roster.

For the Dodgers, signing this kind of deal limits the risk in case something goes wrong as Maeda adjusts to the MLB style of play. For Maeda, who hasn’t spent an extended period away from his team in any of the nine seasons he pitched in Japan, signing a deal centered on his health is a gamble worth making.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to continue to operate under assumption that there are super secret clauses in this contract that enables us to continue to have our fun with what it might look like.

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