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Dodgers News: Kershaw Day Routine Begins With Cereal, Says Mrs. Kershaw

“Kershaw Day” has always carried added significance in Los Angeles for the Dodgers. Now, SportsnetLA has a really interesting video with an installment of Backstage: Dodgers. Furthermore, this clip gives us a glimpse into the morning of a Kershaw start.

Therefore, let’s hear from Ellen Kershaw; devoted wife of the Dodgers’ ace. While Mrs. Kershaw tells us that there’s little she can control, breakfast is the one thing that can give her man the edge.

Delving into more detail on breakfast at Kershaw’s place:

There is very little in my control on start day. But what I can control is that there is bananas, the cereal he likes and the milk he likes. And he doesn’t expect that from me – but it’s the one thing I can control – so I try to.

Clearly, Kershaw knew what he was doing when he married Ellen. This lady is a keeper!

Equally important, Ellen gives away just a small part of Kershaw’s preparation scouting report. She says that his favorite cereal is Golden Grahams, stating that it goes into ‘every single bowl’ he eats. And suddenly I am sitting here wondering if that would mix well with other kinds I like myself like Captain Crunch.

Moreover, Kershaw uses a large mixing bowl to eat the multiple cereals out of. His wife says that is a part of every single game day morning routine. Indeed, it’s a good routine to have because he can do this in any single city he plays in.

Finally, it’s easy to envision Kershaw as a big kid on the morning of a start. Simply enough, his best starts are fueled by a children’s favorite like Golden Grahams. Who knew?

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