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Dodgers News: Kershaw Deals, Will Smith Walks It Off Against Philly

The Dodgers and Phillies were back at it again Saturday night in Los Angeles, and it was a game to remember. Clayton Kershaw pitched a gem of a game, and Will Smith came up huge with a walk-off home run, the first of his career.

Kershaw’s Dominance

Clayton Kershaw came into the game having allowed 6 home runs in his last 5 starts, tallying a total of 15 earned runs. That all changed in a big way Saturday, as Kershaw spun 7 innings of one-run ball.

The only run against Kershaw came in the 4th inning, partially aided by a Max Muncy fielding error on a grounder at third. Kershaw would have earned the victory, but Julio Urias gave up a game-tying two-run shot to Bryce Harper in the 8th inning to end that hope. It was however, the 17th straight regular season start that ended in a team win for Clayton Kershaw.

Will Smith’s Big Moment

If any good can be said of Urias giving up that bomb, it’s that it paved the way for Will Smith’s big moment. Smith battled against Phillies’ reliever Hector Neris, fouling off some pitches pretty hard. Smith launched one into left field that hung up for a while, but ultimately made it’s way out for the first home run of his young career.

That big moment pushed the Dodgers to a 40-19 record, making them the first 40-win team in baseball. They now sit 9 games ahead of the second place Rockies in the National League West.


  1. The kid seems so humble, focused and such a team player. What a blessing in his young career. I hope for continued success and in Dodger blue. Outstanding job!

  2. I hope they are not too quick to send him down after Barnes comes back. We need to find out if he is our future catcher.

  3. I’m afraid Will Smith will be sent back down to Oklahoma City(AAA) once Barnes comes off the IL. I don’t even think the Dodgers brass consider Smith the teams’ future catcher. I think they consider Keibert Ruiz as having a “higher ceiling.”

  4. I hope the Dodgers “keep the metal to the pedal” and bury the NL-West! They currently lead by 9-games over the Rockies, 9.5 over the Padres. Pretend those two teams are breathing down your necks.

  5. “Leave a Reply – ”

    Why bother, Brook?
    Unlike some of your colleagues, you never respond to anyone!

  6. Sucks that he’ll be wasted in AAA when Barnes comes back and like someone pointed out he may not even be considered the future catcher with Ruiz in the system. I say whoever came here first and lit a fire should stay and the other get traded but for now you can have both because Ruiz is a few years away which gives plenty of time to see if Smith will have sustained success, if he does then trade Ruiz but if not then it won’t be a hard decscion to have Ruiz take over in the future

  7. I get that today is a day game after a night game so that HAS to be the factor for why Martin is starting but that is OK. Well some of you have already talked about what happens when Barnes does return. It’s a numbers game so unless Barnes or martin are dealt Smith goes back to OKC no matter what he does so he can get regular playing time. it’s not my call but as they say….IIWII

  8. Another Big Win on Sunday as we sweep the Phillies. The team’s mindset has got to be positive. And, Kelly and Baez worked the same game and did not give up any runs. Bring on the Snakes!!!
    Go Blue!!!

  9. Hey Lou…………”Kelly” and “did not give up any runs” looks odd in the same sentence…………..guess having an eight run lead is all he needs to be effective…………..him and his seven run +ERA that is.

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