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Dodgers News: Kershaw Will Pay No Attention To MLB’s Pitch Clock

Los Angeles Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw made me smile on Monday. Moreover, Kershaw has no time for MLB’s new pitch clock rules. To be sure, he’s not going to pay any attention to it.

It’s nice to hear one of the game’s elder statesmen pitchers – who is so respected – state that he’s not going to do anything differently with the new pitch clock in play.

Bill Plunkett of the OC Register came strong with Kershaw’s biting quote on the matter on twitter.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred continues to play a character that doesn’t seem like a blast of fun. It’s like the guy is trying so hard to make the game fun – he’s effectively making it more plastic.

Still, here’s Manfred’s quote on the pitch clock implementation at a spring training complex near you.

“We will start getting ready for the possibility that we’re going to use the pitch clock on Opening Day,” commissioner Rob Manfred said Sunday at spring training media day in Florida. “We have to get going.”

Why? We have to get going?

Is someone double-parked? Can we not just sit and take in a slow game of baseball and it’s intricacies in all it’s slow beauty? Moreover – just leave my slow game of wonderful baseball alone!

Kershaw gets two thumbs up from this writer for taking a stance on the matter. And I will be willing to bet that if he goes a few seconds over each delivery, not much will be made of the matter. Still, if Kershaw is willing to take this stance; one can venture to guess that other veteran pitchers around baseball will too.

Give Us Your Thoughts on MLB’s Pitch Clock

Really, it’s a win for the game of baseball. We don’t need a game where pitchers are hurrying through their pre-pitch routine so balls can get hammered into the stands. This is coming from a guy who loves the long ball, too.

I love me some Clayton Kershaw, and love him even more for having a backbone. What are your thoughts on the pitch clock in baseball? Do you like it? Or do you agree with Kershaw and I that it’s a nuisance? Sound off in the comments. And take your time!

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  1. The batter is the worst abuser of the pitch clock which starts the moment the pitcher gets the ball back from the catcher. The pitcher can’t begin to get the sign until the batter is in the box and his back arm/hand signals the umpire his ready. This is the problem and we have the Yankees and Red Sox to blame…do they ever play a game under near 4 hours.

  2. They do this to speed up the game and get more action.You want more action teach Left handed bats to hit the ba;; to the left side. Knock off the love of HR and more on hits and advancing the runners Teach pitchers the right way to bunt and have the practice every week.

  3. Good for Kershaw! Baseball needs to fix other things before the pitch clock. Its leader, much like Trump, is “fiddling while Rome burns.”

  4. The pitch clock is the stupidest idea yet. Why can’t this guy leave the game alone. It’s been doing fine without him for over a hundred years! He’s making a problem where there is none!

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