Dodgers News: Kobe Bryant Meets Yasiel Puig At Lakers Facility

Yasiel Puig has been accused of being too big of a celebrity off the field, but the perks of living in LA and playing with the Dodgers allow him to gain access to places most people dream of going.

Today, Puig spent the day at the Lakers practice facility as he got a tour of the facility and spoke to Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak and injured star Kobe Bryant.

Bryant voiced his support for Puig during his race to win “The Final Vote” against Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman, but his efforts fell short. Kobe was in the facility to receive treatment on his injured Achilles and met with Puig before the second game of the series with the Yankees.

Puig must’ve made an impression on Kobe as he posted on his Twitter account that he’ll be taking in the Dodgers-Yankees game tonight:

Puig has an instagram account and posted a picture with Bryant in the training room:

Kobe and Puig




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