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Dodgers News: LA Broadcaster Expects Julio Urias to Return to His Cy Young Contender

At no time during the 2023 season has Julio Urías looked like the same starter who should have been considered for both the 2021 and 2022 National League Cy Young Awards. The Dodgers’ left-hander has struggled this season. His struggles continued after a long absence on the injured list with a hamstring strain as he surrendered 5 runs in a loss to the Kansas City Royals.

Before he hit the IL, he allowed 4 home runs and 6 runs total to the Cardinals.

After his poor outing in St. Louis, Urías reportedly told Dodger broadcaster Jose Mota that something “doesn’t feel right.” Mota told’s Doug McKain that he told the pitcher to take a step back and “probably not pitch for a while.”

No pitcher should attempt to hurl when something hurts. The pitcher will favor the sore body part and probably cause another more serious injury. At least he will lose velocity causing him to be ineffective. Urías lost velocity, making all his pitches at the same rate. He developed mechanical flaws causing him to have control problems.

“I’m glad he’s taking his time to get healthy because he knows the responsibility he has to this team and these fans and I owe it to them to come back and stay,” said Mota.

When asked if he expects Urías to return to dominance, he said “I do” while pointing to the myriad of issues being behind the pitcher. Urías will look again to get back on track against the Pirates tonight at Dodger Stadium for the final game of the four game set.

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