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Dodgers News: LA Officially Re-Signs Chris Taylor to Multi-Year Deal

The paper chaser is back! The Dodgers and free agent utility man Chris Taylor agreed to a four-year, $60 million deal on Wednesday. It was officially announced later in the evening.

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the deal also includes a fifth year option that could increase the total to $73 million.

Taylor joined the Dodgers via trade back in June of 2016. Since then, the former fifth round draft pick by Seattle has become a mainstay in the LA lineup, playing in 657 games since then while playing all over the field. He was also named an All-Star for the first time in 2021.

The 31-year-old was lauded as the Dodgers MVP by teammates last season and brings a unique skill set to the team with his positional versatility and right-handed pop.

While other teams were heavily in pursuit of the utility man, it was reported that he turned down more money to stay in Los Angeles.

In a corresponding move, the Dodgers announced that infielder Sheldon Neuse was designated for assignment.

Welcome home, CT3.

Chris Taylor Re-signing With Dodgers, Why He Was a Must Re-Sign, More Moves Coming For LA?

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  1. Curious why Taylor re-signed with everyone else jumping ship to get away from Roberts the Clown.

    1. “Everyone else jumping ship”

      Who exactly is everyone else?

      Are you referencing Sherzer, a 2 month Dodger who was going for the top dollar regardless of who offered it? Sherzer isn’t a ship crew jumper, he was a mere short-term passenger who got perks during and after his voyage.

      Seager is one and most knew, though denied, that he would likely be gone.

      Is Knebler a ship crew jumper, I don’t think so.

      Who are all these/everyone multi-year career Dodgers jumping ship?

    2. Dodgers should figure out eventually that Drrrrrr is a deterrent to most players wanting to sign here. We can all HOPE AND PRAY that Freidman does NOT extend him.

      1. Rendon went to the Angels because of Trout, Ohtani went to the Angels because of the DH, and if the NL had the DH Ohtani certainly would have signed with the Dodgers. Betts came to LA, and T Turner will likely stay. The Dodgers don’t need every star player as they have a solid farm system as support when needed. The Dodgers look for the value more than the star. Kershaw may leave unless he accepts the ‘value’ that he is now and not what he was, and the same goes for Jansen.

  2. And he signed for a bit less. Tells me that “Follow the Money” didn’t happen with him. Seager wanted Texas. And money. And money. Scherzer wanted money. And money. And money. Hmmm. Has an opt out. So he wants money and MORE money. Taylor is grateful. And a true Dodger.

    1. But that will go against the narrative on the know nothings Roberts haters who post in here non-stop.

      1. John, I don’t hate Roberts or anyone but what I and many other posters on here don’t care for was the numerous greigious errors in his decision making in game with both pitchers and position players.

  3. There was a replacement – at least for a year – for Seager. There wasn’t a replacement for Taylor. Congrats to the FO for getting this done. Losing Scherzer makes signing Kershaw more important because there aren’t any upgrades left on the FA market and that raises the prospect price in trades. Even with Kershaw the 2022 rotation is still weaker than 2021.

        1. Joe you were so sure that the dodgers would win the World Series last year. Almost all of what u say Is false

    1. There are real questions about Clayton’s health. As I understand it, he suffered symptoms that lead in many cases to TJ surgery but opted for PRP treatment when an MRI didn’t find any UCL damage. Color me skeptical. I think it risky to count on his health even if resigned. I suspect we’ll see a lot of Bobby Miller, Ryan Pepiot, and Andre Jackson next year.

      1. As I gave additional thought to one specific word in that response above, I have personally come to the conclusion that the target need not be such at all.

        The word is “upgrade”.

        The Dodgers don’t have the luxury of an “upgrade”, true, because of the two people who signed elsewhere already. Concurrently thinking, the Dodgers don’t need an “UPGRADE” from the FA pool, they just need a – and I shudder to use this term – SERVICEABLE addition. To avoid the awful calamity of “bullpen games”, we just need strong enough people who can eat innings so that we’re not tossing a reliever into the 4th or 5th inning after a Gonsolin or a Price endangers a game into the oh-sh** zone. Long relievers are intended to help try to keep a team in the game after a starter just doesn’t have it that day or can only make 5 innings because he started getting hit in the 5th, not to keep the opposing team from leaving the number 0 or 1 in the Run column to begin with from the 1st inning. Price is useless. He’s a non-factor. Gonsolin? I’m not sure why it was truly necessary to keep him active on a 60 pitch regimen instead of just shutting him down out of an abundance of caution to keep him on the 60 day dl, and call up another pitcher from AAA to eat innings.

        1. I agree about Gonsolin. The difference between his ’21 season and the previous 2 (which were outstanding) was his inability to find the strike zone. That’s possibly related to the constant interruptions due to the reoccurring shoulder issue. Shutting him down for a longer period would probably have been wise.
          Remember how the club spoke of Buehler and May before their promotions? They speak of Miller the same way. I’m probably in the minority but I want to see some combination of Miller, Pepiot, and Jackson next year rather than signing some mid-tier pitchers for innings.

  4. When a player earns $15 million a year for 4 years, an extra million is not as crucial as an extra $20,000 to us mortal wage earners, especially when you have family and personal needs that are satisfied in LA.

    1. I moved from So Cal 15 yrs ago to NC and the only part I miss is my once a year trip to Dodger Stadium. I’m still a die hard Dodger fan but living a better life now after leaving California behind

  5. These are the guys you want when trying to win a championship. Guys like Seager and Scherzer couldn’t care less about winning here.

  6. Seager is not worth the $325M 10 yr. deal period. I am glad the Dodgers didn’t tie up all that money for that length of time. AF is way too smart for that. Shit the 8yr offer was smart and was never going to be agreed to by Boras, it was all cover. Time to thank Seager for his time w/ the Dodgers (he did a great job) and move on Baseball waits for no one. So Seager thanks, Scherzer thanks, CT3 welcome home brother.

    P.S. Roberts ain’t going anywhere haters.

    1. haha exactly!! Doc, CT3 and the rest of the team will be back in 2022 once the Millionaires/owners and players quit bickering over a few dollars

      1. Roberts might get himself a shortened season where he can’t run the pitching staff into the ground no matter how hard he tries

        1. Hah! I wouldn’t put it beyond him. Roberts nearly fouled up the WS in 2020 twice. The players won in spite of Roberts’ cluelessness.
          Those who demand Roberts deserves respect fail to realize that he’s 1-4 in World Series attempts and wins, with 2019 being the most absurdly disgusting exit he helmed. People make jokes that the Dodgers are the NYY of the National League. If you take a moment to consider how Yankee managers were treated by Steinbrenner when they came up short multiple times, that perspective means Roberts would have been fired faster than St Louis manager Mike Shildt was fired after the Cardinals were bounced out of their 1-game run – and while his contract still had 1+ years left on it. Trash cans be damned, the Dodgers should have won 3 of the last 5 series with the payroll and talent they had. That alone should have gotten Roberts fired immediately after losing to the lowly Braves who ultimately won the WS against a team that couldn’t use the aforementioned trash cans just over a month ago.

  7. This is a better deal than it appears.

    The front office has taken away most of Robert’s best boys. McKinney now gone. Souza now gone. Neuse now gone.

    Another of his best boys would be David Price. He gets some extra slack because of the cache he has built over the years. But, it’s time for him to hang it up. And if he doesn’t, trade him for a top prospect now that the farm system has been decimated.

    1. Neuse’s not gone – they needed space on the 40 man. He’ll be back playing in AAA. Price at 15M is completely untradeable. Trade partners would want prospects to take him off the Dodgers hand.

    2. The farm system is hardly decimated. And David Price is NOT bringing a top prospect in return.

  8. Fantastic. Now all that’s left after the owners take the stick out of their ass is to re-sign Jansen, Kershaw, and grab another starter. Dodgers need SIX starters just so the team and [real] fans don’t have to suffer the atrocities that are “bullpen games”, which have proven to kill said bullpens.

  9. Curt is correct, sir! Roberts is staying. Perhaps, like all of us, he will, and has, learned from his mistakes. Besides, other than Jim Leyland, who can do better? Like him or not, the Dodgers won more games last season than any other team.

    1. Anybody, we won not because of Roberts, we won in spite of him. He won’t “learn” he has had 6 years to learn and hasn’t yet. And Joe, Don Cato was right on about you last year.

  10. We lost players last year. We lost a shortstop, starting pitcher, relief pitcher,and who knows how many others so far this year.But all is well because we still have ROBERTS.

  11. He made his decision. You forget Boras is a reason we have higher ticket prices and the food items at the stadium have increase in part because of him and agents like him. If Seager wanted to stay he would of found a way. Once you reach those figures someone might take a few million less because they enjoy the team, fans and city but Seager is all about the money with little loyalty.

    1. Seager does not owe loyalty to the Dodgers…get over it…75 mil dollar difference…not that much loyalty in the world…

  12. The point is that good players give a “home discount” to the teams that drafted them, spent years cultivating them in the minors, then brought them up to become key players on the team, especially when they’re postseason contenders every single damn year (Dodgers won division 8 years straight before 2021). Seager bucks that trend because the true villain is the fact that it’s Boras. He even hates it when he perceives teams intentionally throwing in the towel to get better draft picks (NL East). There’s never loyalty when it comes to Boras and Lozano as players become instant money chasers. Same with Hyun-Jin Ryu leaving solely for more money. Now he’s not as good. This is why I liken Seager to Machado. Padres haven’t done squat in the division since laughably giving him $300M. If Cody Bellinger decides not to return to his MVP form at the plate (which I don’t feel he won’t have a resurgence) then he would end up in the same conversation about his current contract again.

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