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Dodgers News: LA Trade Away Billy McKinney and Zach Reks After Being DFA’d

The Dodgers are making some more moves this offseason, but again not of the variety fans are expecting. On Friday, the club designated for assignment Billy McKinney and Zach Reks as part of a series of 40-man roster moves. It comes as no surprise that the Dodgers are now trading both players. 

On Monday it was announced that both McKinney and Reks were heading to Texas in a deal for cash considerations.

Billy McKinney may have been an overall disappointment in a Dodgers’ uniform, but he is a major league player in all respects. He has a full MLB career and has proven to be a serviceable bench piece for any team, and a starter if needed. McKinney can play almost all places of the infield and outfield. Every major league team has a place in their organization for good utility players.

Zach Reks has proven in his minor league career to be ready for major league service, although the Rangers are likely to keep him in the minors to develop. In the minors, Reks has hit 54 home runs while slashing .295/.383/.487 to boot.

Speculate Wildly

Many can speculate that the Dodgers are freeing up roster spots to acquire prime Duke Snider or Shohei Ohtani. If we’re going to play that game, perhaps the rumors about the Dodgers being in on Seiya Suzuki have a lot of weight. Suzuki is a huge star in Japan. He has a ton of power and can play the field. More likely though, a guy like Joe Kelly is likely to be locked up “unofficially” and can now be signed officially. Only time will tell. Until then, a kind farewell for Reks and McKinney.

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AJ Gonzalez

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  1. Last I checked, even with McKinney and Reks gone the 40 man is full, so other moves would have to be made to sign Ohtani, Trout, Soto, Snyder, Robinson, Hodges, Reese, Koufax or whomever the Dodgers had in mind

    1. Something tells me Friedman has something up his sleeve with the Rangers since Cash is considered. Kersh and also Seager could end up that direction. Hmmmmmmmm, interesting. Trade maybe? Pollock?

      1. Maybe if that’s the scenario Freidman tries to sign Bryant? If Dodgers are going to make a big signing or trade,he’s only got a week to do so as that horrific Manfred will lock out the players and there will be a freeze on All baseball transactions putting the off season in limbo.

        1. Morning Paul. wanted to say you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. Looks like Friedman picked up a Outfielder from the Rangers last night. I knew something was up. Shouldn’t be difficult in the bigs to pick up a 120 hitter in Mckinney, or a 150 hitter in Reks. Surprised we haven’t seen a follow up from Drrrrrrr, “We’re sad to see them go”

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