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Dodgers News: Los Angeles Inks Blake Treinen to One-Year Deal

The Dodgers off-season moves look like they are finally rolling out. After missing out on Gerrit Cole Tuesday, Los Angeles signed reliever Blake Treinen to a one-year deal.

Treinen is just a season removed from receiving Cy Young votes in Oakland back in 2018. It was then that he posted a ridiculous 0.78 ERA across 68 appearances en route to an All-Star game nomination. Treinen locked down 38 saves for the A’s that year.

The official numbers have still not been 100% confirmed, but it is being reported that the deal is worth $10 million. Not bad considering the Giants just signed Kevin Gausman to a one-year, $9 million contract.

J.P. Hoornstra confirms there are no options or incentives to the deal.

As discussed on our Blue Heaven podcast earlier this month, there may not have ever been a more Andrew Friedman type of guy than Blake Treinen. He had a down year in 2019, leading to Oakland non-tendering him rather than choosing to pay him in 2020.

The winter meetings move comes almost one year to the day since the last time Andrew Friedman and company made a potentially big addition to the bullpen. On December 13, 2018 word broke that LA and Boston reliever Joe Kelly had agreed to a 3-year deal.

Now, with Kelly and Treinen along with Kenley Jansen in tow, the Dodgers could potentially have an elite bullpen if things bounce the right way.

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  1. Great aquisition. Good price. Here’s a guy that could be part of the musical chairs closer program or just take over that role.

  2. Good now get Betances and the bullpen will be complete. Still will choke but atleast you will have legitimately tried for once

  3. They the Dodgers are still going to need more a lot more , I hope they aren’t counting on Jansen for much , they can’t see or do not want to see because Jansen being a nice guy , as the season goes on he will get weaker and weaker , CANNOT fool any hitters, I hope that Kelly settles down ,he could become a great closer with his still great velocity and throw his other junk ,really keeping hitters off stride. ,needs to get that control and he will be a great asset to the bullpen.The front Office needs to wake up ,but given some credit Treinen hopefully will help .

  4. Ok Rendon here we come!
    Nah, I’m kidding.
    Well there’s our excitement for the winter!
    Hope everyone enjoyed it!

    1. What happened to being grateful for this ownership and not sounding like a boomer? Phony troll get lost

      1. What happened to ownership doing all they can to reasonably improve the team rather than lie about it for two months and then do nothing.. They had no real interest in Cole, Strasburg or Rendon. If they did, they would have signed one of them like Ned Colleti used to do back in the day. He is the guy that signed Grienke back in 2014. And you know… they have not signed one elite free agent since! We hand over our money and they need to give us a decent return for our investment, Give me something to be grateful for, a world series winner would be nice! Maybe I need to go watch the Angels since it appears they are going to make the investment in behalf of the fans and try to win a champion ship and not just talk about it!

  5. Another okay signing but no big deal. Marginal improvement if the guy comes back. Meanwhile, as usual, the Dodgers watch others sign the big free agents they wanted in Cole and Rendon. And thereby remain what they’ve been for the past decade: a good team that always comes up short in the end.

  6. This is a good move, no matter the outcome, he is worth the risk. If he has a bounce back season it’s a steal.

  7. Can’t believe they let Rendon slip away. Do not get Donaldson! What are they thinking? I am not one for free agents but, Rendon would have been a perfect fit!! Unless there is a trade, we are done if we do not get a good bat in the lineup!

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