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Dodgers News: Los Angeles Recalls Gavin Lux From OKC

The Dodgers and Padres will play a 3-game set starting tonight in Los Angeles. With 2.5 games separating our boys from the NL West-leading Giants, this series against the Padres could end up being very important for the postseason. 

Before the series starts, the Dodgers are adding in a familiar face. They recalled Gavin Lux from Oklahoma City prior to the game on Friday night. Lux has been with the Triple-A team for the last 17 games. 

At OKC, Lux hit .279 (19-for-68) with4four doubles, 1 homerun, and 10 runs driven in. He comes back for his second stint with the team after previously playing 85 games with them. Following a hamstring injury that he recovered from, the Dodgers optioned Lux. 

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Lux has also been taking reps in the outfield in the minor leagues. The Dodgers have wanted him to expand his versatility after trading for Trea Turner. The addition of Turner essentially shut down Lux’s opportunities at second base. 

In order to make room for Lux on the active roster, the Dodgers optioned Andre Jackson back to Triple-A. He was just recalled this week but did not end up making an appearance. 

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  1. Getting Lux back is definitely a plus, but Roberts just refuses to bring back Beaty and get rid of McKinney. Silly. As far as Lux playing the outfield, he is a second baseman and Turner has played the outfield. But that would just be too sensible. So let him pinch hit and pinch run.

      1. Dodgers held hostage by Roberts…….What a travesty……..Keep your BEST player down because you hate him Roberts!!! Little League manager………BOY you sure are teaching Matt a lesson……And sabotaging the Dodgers!!!!!! FIRE the idiot Roberts!!!!!!!!

      2. Belli needs to go to AAA. Beaty should’ve been brought up; this is so absurd. The Padres are putting it together and the Dodgers’ cannot afford to play stupid with lineups against them, or anyone else for that matter. I love our team but this poor decision making is costing us and is beyond frustrating. Maybe we should get ready for a longggggg night, sigh.

      3. IF Belli gets any sort of pay raise this off season, that will speak volumes of the sad state of MLB.

        I totally understand the players wanting their piece of the pie…. with salaries going thru the roof, it’s about time that if you have a bad season, you pay for it at the bargaining table the following year if your contract is up.

        If I did my job ‘as well’ as Belli has this year, I would be lucky to work the next year for the same price, let alone even having a job. The Real World.

  2. the front office makes those calls who is up and who is sent down with doc. It’s not just doc. Is AJ close? If not then play Beatty in left and lets see him hit in the bigs. CT in CF and Betts in RF

    1. Exactly Joe, we all get it but how come Roberts doesn’t? FO or not, Roberts can tell Friedman to bring up Beaty and it would be done. The bench is the weakest part of this team, and Roberts is the one that has made sure that exists. Roberts loses these late games because he has ZERO left handed contact hitters on this team that can come off the bench. We all have watched this bad movie over and over. His excuse, “They just need to have better Ab’s” He’s such a imbecile he can’t figure out that they are trying to, but they Can’t…..So, bring someone in that can…..Oh that’s right, he’s sitting in OKC because roberts doesn’t like him……LAME, beyond Lame roberts is….


    1. We got our wish Charles, but now he starts Lux in left “Where he’s never played a game in his life” Beaty was called up last minute so he will be on the team. by the way, Beaty has played left field numerous times…… Just a FYI………. I’m grateful Roberts just strengthened the team FINALLY….Now play Bearty!!! He hits!!!

  4. Tonight’s game with Lux in the lineup will be a lucky walk and then strikeouts. Being at the bottom of the lineup who going to bring him home. Not one pitcher with exception of Walker can even look like they can swing a bat. It is a wasted out like Lux. If they would stop spitting all over the place maybe they could look like a big league player. There is nothing I like better than to watch Urias and Roberts spit on themselves. Real classy guys.

    1. Urias is not that bad a hitter. They talk about would they pitch Schertzer or Bueller in a wild card game. Why not Urias. He has won more games than either of them, and idiot Roberts has taken him out of at least 2 games when he was pitching a shutout and his mismanaged bullpen has managed to lose the game. Hasn’t Urias won more games than any pitcher in baseball? If not, he is very close.

  5. I understand Roberts blamed Beaty for making an error that caused a game earlier in the year, Beaty was playing in a position he was not familiar with playing, which is a typical Roberts stupidity, and Beaty said something to Roberts in defense of the criticism. Roberts, who thinks he is God, took offense and banished him to the bench and then to the minors. Of course, if you want to start counting mistakes that have caused games, Roberts has made more than all the players combined.

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