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Dodgers News: Matt Kemp Discusses Shoulder Injury From Last Night

It was a sight that Dodger fans everywhere couldn’t bear to look at: Matt Kemp grimacing after taking a swing in the second inning of last night’s game against the Giants after recently coming off the disabled list.

Kemp was on the DL due to a hamstring problem, but the shoulder grimace dealt with the off-season shoulder surgery he received after crashing into the wall in Colorado.

After staying in the game for a couple innings, manager Don Mattingly made the right call in taking Kemp out of the game in favor of recently activated outfielder Carl Crawford. Kemp spoke to the media about what he felt on the swing via Ken Gurnick of

“I felt something weird in my shoulder and it kind of scared me a little bit,” said Kemp. “But others say it’s pretty normal for labrum surgery, I heard from other players. The cortisone shot calmed it down. It was very scary. I never felt anything like that. Worse than running into the wall.”

Since coming back from his hamstring injury, Kemp has looked more and more like himself, as he homered in consecutive games and seemed to be getting his timing back.

As has been the norm for most of the season, the Dodgers have too much depth, but then an injury will occur to make it impossible to trade an extra starter or outfielder.

After the game, Mattingly provided an update via Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts:

It doesn’t sound like Kemp will play in the final two games against the Giants as the Dodgers depth will be tested yet again while they make their move in the NL West.

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