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Dodgers News: Max Muncy Is Close to Resuming Baseball Activities

First, Dodgers nation became weary when slugger Max Muncy was hit on the wrist with a pitch in Arizona. Then the man of many nicknames – affectionately known as America’s Slugger – underwent further testing. Next, the Dodgers placed Muncy on the IL on August 30th.

With you brought up to speed on the full timeline, we’re a couple days into life without Muncy. Therefore, it’s time for a new update.

Before Tuesday night’s game in Los Angeles, Dave Roberts provided Alden Gonzalez with just that. While Muncy won’t be in the lineup in the next few days, there is good news. That news is what you ask? Well, if you’re antsy for Muncy to be back in the meat of the Dodgers’ order like I am; he shares that same feeling.

Furthermore, Roberts says his All-Star player with 33  home runs and .899 OPS wants to get back out there as soon as possible.

“He’s getting antsy.”

Moreover, Gonzalez tells us that the current plan calls for Mad Max to begin taking grounders tomorrow (Wednesday). While that’s not yet the exciting activity of swinging a bat, that’s coming soon thereafter.

Obviously, getting Muncy back for the final push before playoff baseball and October is going to be an integral part of the Dodgers’ march to a third straight World Series. Certainly, Los Angeles boasts plenty of power bats in the lineup without Muncy. However, it’s not easy to just replace a 35-home run bat like it’s nothing.

Finally, it’s important that Muncy gets back to the lineup with some time to get some work in. Wrist and hand injuries are a tricky thing for a hitter to come back from. If you’re wondering how Muncy is feeling in regards to pain, it’s likely a positive sign that he’s aching to get back in there.

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  1. let the injury heal a bit, Dodgers can carry on for the time being. what will really be tough to see is whenever Dodgers face a LHP from now and through the PS, Joc and his 30 HR’s will be sitting on the bench.

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