Dodgers News: Max Muncy Talks About Not Being Able to Play in the Postseason

Just as the regular season was ending the Dodgers lost Max Muncy to a harsh elbow injury. The hope was that Muncy would be able to come back if the Dodgers continued their journey through the playoffs. The Dodgers have succeeded and are still fighting for a spot in the World Series, but the question is, how is Max Muncy feeling about his time on the bench?

While in the visitor’s dugout at Truist Park, Muncy told SportsNet LA how he has been feeling.

I’ve had better days…It’s one of those things where it’s still really painful. I’m trying to get through it, trying to see where we’re at. I’ve had better days.

Muncy was injured in the Dodger’s final game of the season against the Brewers. Muncy collided with Jace Peterson and was rolling on the ground, screaming in pain. It turns out he dislocated his elbow and it appears to be a longer recovery than anticipated. Not only is Muncy still in pain, but he is missing out on playing.

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Muncy continued and talked about how even though it is hard, things are not all bad right now.

Well, not playing has been one of the worst things I have ever had to expereince, but supporting these guys has been awesome, it’s been fun…These guys have been bringing a lot of fire out there, a lot of intensity. Something that’s really sticking out to me watching it from the side is there’s no one being selfish out there, everyone is doing whatever they have to do to help the team win…

Muncy has to continue his rehab before fans can see some more action from him, but anything is possible. Muncy also said he is hopeful that if the Dodgers make it further in the playoffs, there could be a possibility for a return, but time will tell.

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