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Dodgers News: Max Muncy Will Not Play in the Wild Card Game

The Dodgers did not have anything go as planned on Sunday afternoon. Facing the potential of tying up the NL West and forcing a Game 163 against the Giants, nothing seemed to go their way despite winning the game against Milwaukee. 

The Giants beat up on the Padres and made it so the Dodgers winning did not make a difference. But Los Angeles also might have lost one of their bigger bats in the win over the Brewers. Max Muncy left the game in the top of the third after a collision at first base with Jace Peterson. 

Muncy appeared to have his elbow hyperextended and hit the ground hard in pain. The Dodgers training staff walked him off of the field and Albert Pujols took over for the rest of the game. After the game, Dave Roberts made it pretty clear that the injury was serious, but did not want to declare him completely out of the postseason. 

We just don’t want to close the door on a potential down-the-road appearance. So we’ll see how he responds over the next few days and see where that takes us.

The Dodgers will NOT have Muncy in the Wild Card Game this Wednesday against St Louis. Doc confirmed that in the postgame interviews on Sunday. That’s very unfortunate given Muncy’s relative success against Cardinals’ starter Adam Wainwright. 

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The hope at this point is that the Dodgers can advance and that Muncy will be able to appear at some point. But based on Doc’s comments, the Division Series also seems to be out of the question. That’s a big bat to lose right as playoffs start. 

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  1. Unfortunately, a hyperextended elbow usually takes 4-6 weeks to heal. An in-shape athlete surrounded by state-of-the-art trainers (remember Pollock’s quick hamstring recovery) might push that up, but realistically, not that much. It’s all speculation until it isn’t, but we fans should prepare to be without Max for the postseason, which we hope lasts well past Wednesday. Remember, SF has lost their top HR hitter too.

    1. You hit it spot-on. Only time will tell.. Any only the come back, but at what level of production will the comeback bring. On top of that, any player [emphasis on young players] will consider damage a quick comeback could do to their longevity and earning potential as a player/

  2. Looks like automatic out Beli will probably play first. One and done sorry to say.

    1. For one thing Dodgers cannot use Muncy’s absence as an excuse if they lose to the Cards on Wednesday. Let’s see how this so called ‘depth’ plays out and how Roberts manages this Wild Card game. But I too see that with all that took place this year the off season for Dodgers might begin on Oct. 7th.

  3. I’d say start Tio Albert against his former mates and let him torture them. Would be a nice story yes/no?

      1. Well I was thinking more about the story than the match up. If I had to go with the match up I’d put Beatty at first because his bat is definitely hot.

        1. Roberts will consider the match up but something tells me that Beaty, even though he’s hitting well, will be on the bench and Bellinger and his .163 BA will be on 1st instead. And should Dodgers lose on Wednesday Roberts will defend any decisions he made.

        2. I agree with you Dodgerfan4life, but from this past year experience, DR is not going to do that. Sad as Beatty deserves the spot not Belli.

  4. So very sad to lose Muncy , very sad ! I hope that the Dodgers can keep a strong mental attitude and defeat the CARDS and to move on to play the Giants and again hopefully BEAT them in the playoffs to go to the big show . The Dodgers can do it ! They must really pull together now . Maybe Beatty will play more , better than having a sure 3 strikeouts per game( up to ROBERTS. ) I guess ? Wish Muncy and the Dodgers the very best . GO BLUE !

  5. Sounds like another part of the plot to keep the Dodgers from repeating, and guess what? The Cardinals and Giants and Brewers are in on it. I wonder who the cheaters will knock out next.

    1. The Giants have a cheating system going and are also on roids. The Brewers were scared and needed to level the playing field a bit, and the cards were gifted a WC spot by MLB so the WC game would be more intriguing and draw better ratings. No one wanted to see a boring Reds team face LA. Wainwright vs Scherzer is where the money is at

        1. Yep, Bonds is comin in at first to show Albert how to hit it over Tauchman’s glove ?

  6. Very tough decision who to start at first base: Beaty is best bat but worst defender – Bellinger is worst bat but by far the best defender – Pujols is average defender with very limited range – He may get you a hit but is also high risk for hitting into double play because he runs so slow –

  7. With Mad Max on the hill, I’m actually less concerned about the Defense as he has shown he can strike out 13 Redbirds in game already. Give me the hot bat!

  8. This loss is devastating because you lose your HR leader, and his logical replacement at first ( Bellinger ) ABSOLUTELY SUCKED this year, which to me compounds the injury to Muncy. Dodgers struggled with offensive productivity all year, and it just got worse.

    I still think they get by St Louis, but the Giant Best of 5 Series does not look good for LAD.

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