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Dodgers News: Miguel Rojas Victim of Theft as Supercar Broken Into Following Win

Tuesday night was a great night for the Dodgers who rattled off their 13th win in 14 games in August with a 6-2 victory over the visiting Brewers. It was, however, a bad night for shortstop Miguel Rojas. According to FOX LA, the veteran infielder’s supercar was broken into late last night in downtown LA.

Rojas reportedly left his Lamborghini in a parking lot while grabbing some food with his family. While they were away, thieves smashed through the passenger side window and had stolen the purse of Miggy Ro’s mother-in-law. The purse contained her iPhone, credit card, and ID, according to FOX. It was estimated that there were $1,400 in losses in possessions. Plus Rojas will need to have the window replaced at a premium rate.

There were no injuries and the car itself was not stolen. The suspect has also not yet been found.

Per FOX, the theft took place in a lot at the intersection of West Olympic Boulevard and South Broadway, which, looking at Google Maps, means Joe’s Auto Park may need to beef up security at night.

More to come on this story.

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. Not Cool. Rich or Poor, nobody deserves to be Ripped Off, not even a padre fan. To the Theives; Karma is a Bitch!!!

    1. Nobody’s saying Rojas deserved it. But Lambos attract attention, and if there is a purse layout out in plain sight, odds are very good someone will try a smash and grab. Easier than trying to steal the Lambo.

  2. Play for a winning team in a garbage city. I guess it’s a fair trade for a possible world series ring. But is it?
    Love the Dodgers but LA is garbage ?????

  3. That’s what he gets for driving a Lamborghini, leaving ot parked in perhaps a questionable spot, with a purse visible. Should know when and where to park that car, and should know that car is a target. Arrogance drove him to buy or lease that car. “You cee how much moneys they’s payunn me?”

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