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Dodgers News: Minnesota and Boston Trade on Life Support, Affecting Betts Trade

In short, the Boston Red Sox and their new general manager are being difficult. Right now, the report out of Minnesota is not a positive one. LaVelle Neal covers the Twins, and he is saying that the organization is pulling out of their leg of the Brusdar Graterol for Kenta Maeda swap which would, of course, send Mookie Betts to Los Angeles.

However, Jon Heyman came back over top of that report just a minute later. What this means is that the deal is likely not completely dead, but on life support. Furthermore, Heyman says that the Twins have tried to sweeten the deal in order for Boston to just agree to the swap for the young reliever.

Heyman says that an end of Saturday deadline has been set by the Twins for this to be completed. Otherwise, Minnesota is out. What this would mean is the Dodgers would need another avenue to acquire Mookie Betts and David Price. And the domino effect is on from there.

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Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic added his two cents in a series of tweets.

Really, it’s easy to speculate and read between the lines a little bit. Boston’s new general manager could have gotten cold feet after the media backlash saying the Red Sox got too little in return for the superstar Betts.

After hearing this, he wanted to pull out of the trade without completely looking like he is no good to do business with. Right now, the situation is fluid; but these are the facts we have to go on.

Keep your fingers crossed, Dodgers fans. It could be a tough couple of days.

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  1. “Bottom line: #RedSox and #Dodgers should be motivated to complete deal. BOS could be left with Betts, Price and all their previous financial concerns, valid or not. LAD would be left with Maeda and Pederson unsettled – and once again they would be shut out on a star.”
    Clint, what this also would mean is Dodgers remain with an unbalanced lineup that would be too LH going forward and it would mean that there really were real upgrades to the roster when all is said and done.

  2. I would say it can’t get any worse
    But then that would open the door
    I think the Dodger should wait out this deal if they are serious we have nothing to loose we are set up for at minimum a trip to the post season, and we can pick him up for cheap when Boston is completely out of the East.

  3. Boston has scr*wed us once again I hate them so much right now I hope they have a new curse for their cheating in 2018 100 years after the last time they cursed themselves

  4. Just trade Maeda to Twins for Graterol and be done with the whole mess. Boston GM is obviously not trustworthy. Doesn’t matter what they thought Gaterol was (starter or reliever), they traded for him. He was throwing 100 at the end of the year. Sounds like a reliever Dodgers could use. Betts wants to stay in Boston so let him. He is a one-year rental because the Dodgers are smart enough to never meet his FA demands. Price is a $16M (at least) three year drain on the budget for a washed up pitcher who is a bad teammate. And when did we get into the business of aiding the Halos (Pederson and Stripling for Rengifo). They are worth more elsewhere, especially now that Joc.s arbitration is over.

    1. I don’t think that angel trade happens anymore. I thought this whole trade was bad because we all knew Betts wasn’t coming back after this year. It’s going to be weird now having 4 guys come into the season knowing they weren’t wanted

  5. Lots of good comments from everyone)
    (PaulDodgerFan1965,Dodger Blue,Haywood Jamblomi,OldDodgerFan,and Don Cato)
    One lthpught I have now also hearing Mookie is saying he wanted to “stay in Boston” I say let him stay and live with that cheating organization.
    I would have thought he would (to at least seem professional) day I look forward to my opportunity in Los Angeles. But no he didn’t and many fans will remember this. Sorry just stating the truth.

  6. Yes, it would be weird having those 4 Dodgers back, but that is not necessary. Likely Twins would jump at the chance to trade Graterol for Maeda straight up. Pederson and Stripling are worth a lot more in prospects than we were getting in Rengifo. Verdugo is highly valued. Surely, he would bring a valued RH bat, not Betts certainly but throw in Stipling and Pederson and we should get a pretty good RH bat, one under control more than one paltry year.

  7. On another thought with Boston showing stupidity maybe Cleveland knows Dodgers were serious about making a big trade and might contact the Dodgers. On top of that Chicago Cubs too.
    Maybe Dodgers end up with Lindor or Bryant.

  8. You people are idiots. Friedman continues to screw with all dodger fans. Mookie Betts is a generational player they don’t come along very often so if u got an opportunity to get him u get him. But this original deal was a steal for the dodgers just as big as the Astros cheating. Verdugo and that reliever for Betts is crazy and What happened was The Boston GM woke up and realized he was getting scammed by Friedman. I’m a big dodger fan. But Friedman u cheap basterd give up Gonsolin or Downs and get this done. The Dodgers must pay to get this type of player. I’m glad Boston woke up. Friedman you cheap SOB.

    1. I agree we are idiots. The cheating scandals and this Betts trade have made us forget that we need to boycott these con men who took the Dodgers off TV for the almighty dollar not caring one bit if other providers were going to want to carry the channel they never bothered to find out first. The continued increase in parking food and tickets prices without a championship to justify it, they refuse to spend some of their billions on the holes this team has, the only reason they were going to get Betts was because they had an opportunity to get him without giving up much and without any intention of resigning him and also by dumping salary on other teams

      1. HELLO Don. As far as boycotting, I live 850+ miles away so it’s very easy for me to stay away from going to and spending money on games. I just cannot understand why Boston didn’t do a more thorough job of investigating the actual condition of that Twins pitcher Graterol before any deal was reported to be announced. But honestly as well, I cannot envision a very comfortable ST going on with those 4 guys that were already reported to be dealt away, only having to come back. What a total debacle all this is and for it to take as long as it has is unacceptable and totally unfair to have these players remain in limbo because of this.

    2. Alfredo
      That reliever had a 1.59 ERA in the 2017 WS.
      O e of our more reliable arms out of the pen

  9. Another thought on Boston.
    I’m not suggesting Mookie Betts (or David Price for that matter) was deeply involved or even involved in The Boston RedSox cheating scandal but shouldn’t we at least wait and find out???

  10. First of all, we don’t know what Betts did or didn’t say to Rice. I was in Boston towards then end of Rice’s run and he wasn’t exactly a paragon of truthiness back then. And Betts reaction is to be expected. But after he turned down two extensions he had to assume this would happen. The reality is he’d be playing for a big contract, plus he has excelled every other year. If the Dodgers let this slide because they aren’t willing to come up with a decent (not top) prospect to make Boston whole, then we are the idiots. The pieces are there now, they might not be there in July. And no, the Dodgers – right now – would not be a favorite to beat whomever survives the AL octagon.

  11. Fans Freidman is the devil. This guy almost got away with murder and I’m glad Boston woke up. There is no way in the world that Verdugo. Maeda and the relief pitcher are worth the Second best player if not the best in this deal. Friedman tried to pull a fast one got caught. Yes they say he got Manny Machado and Darvish. Without trading Buehler, Seager ot Belli. Ok find. But just once I would like to see him trade a top prospect just for the hell of it. This guy can’t be this perfect. Even if Betts is a one year rental u must pay. If this deal doesn’t get done because Friedman doesn’t pony up this guy must go. Fire Friedman campaign must start.

    1. Alfredo a Rental of mookie isn’t worth what we are giving up especially with potential holes in our bullpen and starting rotation.

      1. And how can Boston expect much more in the way of top prospects for a 1 year rental that in all honesty will result in Betts either going back to Boston or elsewhere in 2021. BY then the result is we gave up who we did and in 2021 have nothing to show for it…Maybe a draft pick should Dodgers give Betts a QO which he won’t accept? However, that proposed deal with the Angels is a joke for what Dodgers are getting in return. Looks to me at the outset as a one sided trade in the Angel’s favor.

    2. Boston is dumb enough to sign Price, Sale and many others in the past to ridiculous contracts when they are past their primes. Screw Boston, boston GM and their fans. Verdugo, Downs, that twins pitcher but they pickup a lot of more Price’s contract. That reneging boston GM.

  12. Clint
    I love that this site lets people speak their minds even if it’s attacking others and calling them idiots (LOL) a deal is a deal is a deal. I don’t think anyone’s previous comments were idiotic but just stated as how each person saw it. I’m even ok with not having Mookie Betts. I’m an Iakland A’s season ticket holder but a Dodger fan firs but I love watching baseball and all that “entertainment” that comes with it. Last thought the Dodgers were not the only one who was robbed by the ‘17 Astros (from now on the Asterisks) and the “18 RedSx (“new BlackSox)”) the other teams they beat on the playoffs but also the regular season (would they have even won the division titles over the Oakland A’s?)

    1. Really unfortunate for the teams like the A’s who have short windows. One of those years they likely get a 5 game series. I’ll be rooting for every team that plays HOU this year

  13. All this is turning out to be, is another Chapman!!!!!!!! Friedman gets off the hook once again for some Phantom scenario making it look like it wasn’t his control!!!! Friedman the victim, OH”. But he tried!!!!

  14. Last week the rumor mills was the Dodgers would Prospect Keibert and Caleb Ferguson and somebody Elsa I cant remember to Boston for Betts. My bad and Verdugo and cash for Betts and Price. Know that’s a good deal. So how and the hell did Freidman get the twins involved with this cheap relief pitcher and Meada. Friedman must be one hell of a talker to convince Boston and the twins for this deal was a steal. Sorry fans I want Friedman to pay just once. This SOB can’t be that good. I hate this guy. But if this trade doesn’t go down because Friedman wouldn’t pony up. I hope the team falls flat on there face. That’s how must I hate this guy.

    1. You just don’t get it. That is exactly the type of GM that I want to run my team. Alfredo when you sell your house don’t you want the best market price you can get. Or do you say oh I asked too much let me give back to you 20K to make the deal fair for all. What BS , Friedman did exactly what he and the Dodgers wanted get Betts for the best price possible.

      One more thing this is business(big business) in order to play this game you have to have big boy pants on. I applaud the fact that the Dodgers are the envy of the MLB. You can not sustain winning patterns by giving away the farm team talent. Some of you cry babies should think back to the McCord reign when they stole everything that wasn’t nailed down.I for one think this ownership group is the best thing to happen to LA since the O’Malley’s.

  15. Carlos
    My problem with the front office has never been who they held on to.
    Quite the contrary. The fact that we have this many young talented players boads well for this team and its fans.
    But one of if not the highest grossing mlb team of all time dosen’t want to go out and buy FAs that would have made us favorites to win the 2020 WS when they are available (keeping out of a trade scenario where we can keep from trading youth) yet still end up with what we need. And then some how pretending that we don’t have the means or the financial flexibility to acquire these players.
    Then In the same breath talk about this laser focus to win a championship in 2020.
    It to me feels like the FO feels like there fans are idiot’s and can’t figure out what it going on. Slap in the face to Real Dodger fans.

    1. The only FA that moved the needle for the Dodgers was Cole. He wanted to be a Yankee – period. Boras used the Dodgers as a stalking horse to extort the price he wanted from the Yankees – period. Strasburg was never in play. If he was, you would have heard of an offer from the Angels.

      Rendon wasn’t a good fit. JT’s production was better than Rendon’s until last year when Rendon had a career year. Even now JT is at least 85% of Rendon. For 15% of Rendon’s production you don’t want to see if Lux has it? You want to move Muncy off 1st? You want to commit 35M of the payroll for Rendon to make sure you can’t address who knows what in July?

      Friedman made a shrewd move to get Betts for 2020. And adding Price is at least as good as signing Bumgarner, Keuchal, or Ryu. The loss of Verdugo will probably hurt going forward but they’re doing what needs to be done this year. When this move is done – and it will get done – the Dodgers will have a better chance to reach the world series than any other NL team when the season starts. Will they get there – who knows. After all they still have Roberts.

      As it stands now – after the trade – on paper, the Yankees are the only team that the Dodgers shouldn’t beat. They need that front line pitcher and there’s no one to get right now. However, they may have one on the staff in Urias, May, or Gonsolin and they’d be foolish not to look at them when the season starts. If none of them work – and because they didn’t commit 35M for Rendon – they’ll need to see who – if anyone – is available come July. That’s all they can do.

      I’m a real Dodger fan who’s behind them and bullish on their chances in 2020.

  16. Dodger Blue, part of that FA issue this year is perhaps those top FA’s were not all in on coming to the Dodgers for various reasons. One may very well be how Roberts and FO run the daily lineups via a spread sheet, playing shuffleboard on a daily basis. Just a thought here. Dodgers do have the means but at the same time, as far as prospects go, remember that no team can actually keep them all.

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