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Dodgers News: Mitch White Will Start Against the Cardinals Tonight

The Dodgers sort of caught everyone off guard on Tuesday night in St Louis. Facing the Cardinals in game number 2 of the series, the assumption was that Mitch White would take on the bulk of the innings. That did not happen. 

Dave Roberts went with Corey Knebel to start the game and continued with a bullpen game the rest of the night. Evan Phillips was responsible for the most work out of the Dodgers bullpen after throwing 1.2 innings. 

Instead, the Dodgers will go with Mitch White on Wednesday night to start the game. The hope is that he can provide decent bulk innings for Doc to ease up tension on the relievers. White last pitched as a starter on August 29th against the Rockies and gave up 3 runs in 3.1 innings of work. 

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There was also some thought to the Dodgers activating Andre Jackson for this game. That could still happen, but White pitching the bulk would seem to indicate that the plans have changed. Julio Urias is set to pitch the following game on Thursday morning. 

After that, the rotation goes back to Walker Buehler and Max Scherzer for the weekend. After that could be anyone, including possibly Tony Gonsolin. 

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  1. Get used to Bullpen games. They will be the norm in MLB.
    Three solid starters , with two BP games in between.
    Relievers don’t cost $$$$.
    Besides, how many starters go more than five?

  2. So now the BP is not happy what took them so long? What a farce for last nites game 8 pitchers for a 9 inning game is it DR intention to play everyone every day now? /Are we back in little league where all player play no matter how lousy they are?

    1. Sure seems like Roberts is managing little league style often. It may be a reason why some pitchers and position players won’t care to return next year based on how Roberts handles in game procedures. Kike and Joc left because they didn’t want to be bench players.

    2. Your on it, for those that have coached Little League especially get this. Your 12 yr Old gets 85 pitches but if you pitch him 60 he can throw 25 pitches the following day. If not and he throws all 85, he can’t pitch until the following day. 11 yr olds differently etc…..Roberts does manage a lot like that for sure. My self and many Old timers will agree those Pitching limits on the young kids never let their arms develop. Explains why most of them have TJ surgery right out of high school. Look back at Seaver, Nolan Ryan Bob Gibson types who threw 9 inning complete games with 135 pitches all season long.

    3. Does seem like little league coaching. You know, when the coaches son (ie Cody Bellinger) is always in the lineup no matter how crappy of a player he is. Also, when the coaches son is in the 4th position in batting order and also lead off despite being the worst hitter. Not playing certain players (Beaty) because you have personal issues or whatever with them. Yeah, Roberts is coaching like a little league coach.

  3. Not sure why everyone is crucifying Roberts about his management of the pen. I’d say he’s done a pretty decent job considering the lengthy absences of Kershaw and Bauer along with the injuries. Also, if the Dodgers were up 5 games in the division right now, you may not be seeing so much micro-management of the pen. DR knows despite this amazing season they could be one loss away from elimination come playoffs and I respect that he’s doing everything he can to try and prevent that.

    1. Sam, he’s done a decent job managing the pen…But don’t you think his MISMANAGEMENT of the offense by allowing Bellinger, RIOS earlier, Mckinnley etc. to keep failing moving runners, drive in a few runs etc etc, has been the primary reason WHY he taxes the bull pen so much? His failure to remove slumped and horrible offensive outputs has cost him dearly especially in those late inning losses. A couple runs here and there instead of WHIFF’s and rally killers has EVERYTHING to do with WHY the bull pen has been depleted just as much as the injury factor you mentioned. The Beaty situation is a prime example of why he get’s crucified, especially when he could avoid it..

    2. I agree that, overall, Roberts has managed the bullpen decently, specifically with Mays gone, Kershaw out for the majority of the season and Bauer’s unanticipated “departure.” The Dodgers have worked with a “skeleton” group of starting pitchers practically from opening day, so its nothing short of miraculous that the bullpen was not completely burned out. I still take issue with Roberts use of Jansen at critical times when Jansen was overtly struggling. Similarly, Bellinger is (and has been) struggling, shouldn’t be in the lineup, and Beaty should be brought up. Right now, we are 2 games back from the Giants, and Roberts is going to have to play smarter offensive ball so that this deficit does not widen and we are forced to play the Wild Card game.

      1. Barb, and in that Wild Card game that appears more and more likely with each passing day, will be against the Padres and Dodgers will face Blake Snell. Enough said, as Snell has been able to get deeper into his last several games, like the 7+ innings he pitched against Dodgers last time they faced him.

  4. There is an obsession with pitch counts yet,we end up with bullpen games and I’ve seen no evidence that there are fewer pitcher injuries than in the past. I’m not saying that a starter should throw 150 pitcher’s, but haven’t we carried this strategy too far?

    1. Roberts probably thought Turner needs a day rest. Bellinger needs a rest for the remainder of the season. Roberts is a terrible excuse for a manager. If he would let his pitchers pitch a complete game instead of running to the bullpen after 7 or 8 innings, usually 7, his bullpen would be better when needed.

  5. JT hit two home runs yesterday. So of course DR took him out of line up today. And of course, Bellinger is in the lineup.

    1. Like I said….Throw away game…..Wainwright’s been the best pitcher in the game last month….These are the games the Dodgers NEVER end up winning……But maybe miracles happen…

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