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Dodgers News: MLB Analysts Praise Mookie Betts, “Probably an Inner-Circle Hall of Famer”

It’s weird to call Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts underrated, but it feels like he flies under the radar despite consistently being one of the best players in baseball.

What makes Betts special is there isn’t one or two things he does great — he excels at everything.

From hitting to base running to fielding in right field to fielding at second base to fielding at shortstop, Betts really just makes everything look easy. He’s a five-tool player, and one that excels in all five tools of the game.

Over on the MLB Network, Brian Kenny, Dan Levitt and Ruben Amaro Jr. were having a conversation about the Dodgers and Braves, coming off their series this week in Atlanta. They got to talking about the Dodger superstar, and had incredible praise for him as he puts together yet another great season.

“It’s hard to say this about Mookie Betts, but I think he’s underrated,” Levitt said. “I think he’s probably an inner-circle Hall of Famer.”

For those who don’t know, an inner-circle Hall of Famer means the players who make the Hall of Fame who are even better than the rest. So that’s about the highest praise you can give someone. But it didn’t stop there. Amaro wanted to join in on the fun, too.

“There’s nothing that Betts cannot do in the game that doesn’t impact the game,” Amaro said. “He’s one of the most impactful players I think, and the base running is extraordinary. I had a chance to be with him in a couple of years while I was coaching the Boston Red Sox, and nobody is more instinctive and understands the game and understands his opponents, such that he can take advantage of those opportunities. He is the best I’ve ever seen and he loves being that guy. He strives to be the best at it, and disappointed with himself when he’s not. I mean, he’s pretty extraordinary.”

The Dodgers are very lucky to have Betts, someone who’s going to remain the face of this franchise for the next 10 seasons. The team has already won one World Series with Betts in the mix, but they have plans to win many, many more before his contract and time with the team is up.

The Dodgers have a generational talent with Betts. He’s going to keep this team in contention for a long time.

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