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Dodgers News: MLB Insider Predicts an LA Trade For Ohtani

The money left on the table for the Dodgers is a driving force for why some believe the team will make a heavy push for Shohei Ohtani, who currently is on contract with the Angels through 2023 and will be owed $30 million. Of course, LA will be linked to just about everyone this winter, so buckle up.

The idea of Aaron Judge keeps getting drilled and linked to the Dodgers, but Judge is slated to make huge money and is something the front office might not be willing to pay. Particularly because of the years the slugger will be looking for. Instead, perhaps they can look to Ohtani, but the question remains who will the Dodgers be willing to give up?

Bleacher Report’s Kerry Miller makes the bold prediction that the Dodgers can make a strong trade to bring Ohtani to the Dodgers although it’s hard to imagine the Angels departing with the two-way star (via Bleacher Report). 

“Bringing back shortstop Trea Turner is at the top of L.A.’s to-do list. They’d also love to keep Clayton Kershaw for a 16th season. But even if we ignore those two guys for now, they still have David Price ($32 million), Craig Kimbrel ($16 million), Andrew Heaney ($8.5 million), Tyler Anderson ($8.5 million), Tommy Kahnle ($3.7 million), Joey Gallo ($3.6 million), and Kevin Pillar ($2.5 million) hitting free agency. That’s over $75 million, and they could make about $20 million more worth of room in the budget by buying Justin Turner and Danny Duffy out of their 2023 club options. Suffice it to say, 2023 funds wouldn’t be a problem here. The Dodgers could easily find the money for Ohtani’s $30 million salary next season.”

Money clearly won’t be an issue if the Dodgers decide to part ways with the latter, but after such an impressive season and setting franchise records all over the place, it might not be the best option to part with so many top options.

Going after a big free agent, assuming Trea Turner doesn’t return, seems more likely but of course, this doesn’t discredit the needle movement Ohtani would bring if he’s added to the roster.

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  1. Everybody talks about Aaron Judge worth being so much money, if he is that great, then why aren’t the Yankees in the World Series?

  2. I’ve read elsewhere the Angels will not trade Ohtani “this year” but never say never. If the Dodgers can just get the Angels to entertain in talks then it can be done.
    But the current owner of the Angels seems to be so jealous of the Dodgers success that he won’t do it. I would like a Rodon and Ohtani trade for a group of young players.

  3. I just wish these insiders would just stop with these speculations. Dodgers aren’t going to give up the farm for 1 year of team control before this guy hits FA. Stick a fork in this, as Angels won’t be dealing Ohtani anytime soon.

  4. Will they or won’t they trade Ohtani? That is the question! If the Angels don’t trade him they get nothing in return for him after 23’. If they do, does that impact the team’s value in the market place? My guess is that any trade discussion would be be cleared with potential buyer(s) depending on how far along negotiations are. But, I think Chris is right. Moreno would kill any trade with Dodgers because of his arrogance. Moreno is the reason the Angels are a joke.

  5. The only way that happens is if the Dodgers could get Ohtani to agree to an extension. Since his agent ISN’T Scott Boros it’s possible.

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