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Dodgers News: MLB Reacts to Logan Forsythe-Jose De Leon Trade

After an offseason full of rumors, speculation and trade discussions, Logan Forsythe will man second base at Chavez Ravine. Jose De Leon will swap California beaches for those of Florida to complete the one-for-one deal.

Baseball writers and players offered their thoughts on the agreement.

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Gabe Burns

Gabe Burns is an award-winning journalist. He serves as a reporter and editor at the DodgersNation news desk. He additionally works as editor-in-chief of The Spectator, Valdosta State University's student paper. Gabe's work has been featured on a number of platforms, including Draft Breakdown and Pro Football Spot. His byline has been cited in media such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. Aside from covering Dodgers baseball, Gabe enjoys watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Orlando Magic and Tampa Bay Lightning. He can be followed on Twitter at @GabeBurns_DN.


  1. Every trade in baseball must be evaluated through a time lens. I was not a Kemp for Grandal fan. I must admit it was a good trade. Trading DeLeon for Forsythe will need to be evaluated in a couple of years. I think it will take time for DeLeon to prosper but I believe he will be a solid pitcher and be better off starting in Tamps as he is closer to his home in Puerto Rico. 
    Forsythe is called a great teammate, great clubhouse presence, and grinder. 
    Every team in my experience needs grinders. He is by all accounts a very good player. His defense is good and he can play 3rd base to give Turner some time off. 
    I like the trade as I do not believe DeLeon was slotted to make the line up this year or even next. With the surge of Striping, and Stewart last year in the majors and the Farm kids like Alvarez, Oaks, and others not sure if DeLeon would have gotten much playing time. 
    I like Stewart’s arsenal of swing and miss pitches much more than DeLeon. And the kid Alvarez may be only a year away.
    Two years gives Calhoun time to prove he is ready for the Show. We shall see…..
    Dodger Line does not have any real weakness it is very long…… I believe Gonzo will regain his power with a different regimen to help his lower back and Turner’s knee and Van Slyke’s wrist finally healthy should be a very formidable crew. Cannot wait to see if Toles is as good as I think he is….

  2. The last time the Dodgers traded for a 2B man, did not work out so well. Remember Delino for Pedro????? Never trade pitching for an in-fielder….. there are so many to chose from. You own farm system have has someone….that is what you have a farm system for…..try them 1st!

  3. Tmaxster I’m hanging in there for Toles also. Van Slyke should be traded in a package along with Kiki and a few other deadbeats. Perhaps a middle reliever..

  4. Great move by Friedman.. Now to clean house on the dead weight and get some support for Clayton… And his career !

  5. rockey1958 The last trade for a 2B was when they flipped Andrew Heaney to the Angels for Howie Kendrick a few years ago; who was solid during his time with the team.

  6. JordanBrown2 rockey1958 I love Howie Kendrick. Great contact hitter and a great person. Howie is a true grinder. I believe Kendrick hits for a better average than Forsythe. I did not understand the Kendrick trade this year the only thing I could figure was they thought Calhoun was ready. We gave him up for virtually nothing and he is a solid second baseman and solid clubhouse presence. And we needed a second baseman. Plus Heaney will turn into a really fine pitcher. 
    I do like the Forsythe trade if DeLeon is the only cost. As stated I do not think he was going to stay in the Rotation. Too many other arms that have better stuff.

  7. Brad Machado Tmaxster I do not agree. Van Slyke has been hurt for two years. He has had back and wrist issues. He finally got his wrist cleaned out of cysts. When he was healthy two years ago he had the highest slugging % on the team I believe. 
    He has no value right now as he is returning from two years of injury. Let him play for a year healthy and then let’s see how he does. 
    He is also a much better defender than many realize and has better speed. He can play all three outfield spots. Although he is not a CF everyday player.

  8. Hello folks, my thoughts on this deal….I am good with it and first off it’s NOT nor should it be Pedro Martinez/ Delino Deshields Part 2. Dodgers in the meantime hold on to guys like Bellinger, Beuhler, Alvarez, we are still loaded with best prospects.   Page here describes him (Forsythe) and this deal shows you that in order to get some value , ya need to trade value for that return.  Dodgers did this deal a 1 for 1 swap so we get our 2b and didn’t have to deal a bunch of other ‘best prospects’ for him.  Dodgers obviously with getting Forsythe knew that the internal options were not that appealing for 2b.  Yes Dozier and or Kinsler might have been game changers but look at what the cost to this team would have been for either one of those. And I can bet that the one player on this team that is real happy to have Forsythe here is Corey Seager.

  9. pauldodgerfan1965 As always paul I think you are absolutely on point. 
    The numbers for Forsythe kind of look like Kendrick’s though and we had him in the fold so not sure why he, Howie,  was traded.

  10. Brad Machado Tmaxster You’re spot on.Brad. No amount of recovery time will help him or The Dodgers. What are you going to do?? Play him in RF? Better Andre than him..!

  11. Tmaxster pauldodgerfan1965 Forsythe is four years younger and Kendrick really didn’t contribute all that much offensively last year.

  12. My reaction to the trade,

    Jose Deleon reminded me much like Ismael Valdez but I doubt he will ever have an era under 4. He was very hittable although he had real good stuff.

    Wish him well in Tampa. I don’t think we are getting a lot more in Forsythe then a Hendrick/Utley combo for the last two years other than he’s a lot younger. He will be steady but I really think we need to score runs. We’ve never been able to really score in the playoffs like we should. Our pitching is incredibly deep and realistically how are we going to make all these guys happy.

    Since we didn’t get Kinsler or Dozier -As much as some can’t stand Braun- we need offense. Too many good teams are loaded offensively and can outscore us in the playoffs. Give up Puig/Kazmir /McCarthy if anyone wants them add maybe a lower tier prospect if  it gets us Braun. We’d likely have to eat some salary but is the goal the world series or just round one or two of the playoffs?

  13. jhigelin Absolutely right JH. Don’t forget Kiki and Van Slyke in the deal.. I would package ALL of those deadbeats .. AND eat some salary for a ‘true’ bat like Braun. But it is difficult to cover up those BAD deals and not embarrass the front office. Something Friedman hesitates to do. It is a lot like DeBartolo said about The 49ers back in the day… ” If you want to win The Super Bowl… you have to pay for it.”

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