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Dodgers News: MLB Super Agent Scott Boras Talks Hyun-Jin Ryu Free Agency

Whenever discussing a fan favorite or one of the better players on a team, there’s a name you never want to hear. Scott Boras. Yes, Boras represents Dodgers free agent-to-be Hyun-Jin Ryu. And yes, Boras is aiming for a big payday for the Korean-born lefty.

The MLB super agent spent some time with a Korean news outlet discussing Ryu ahead of his foray into free agency. It went… about how you expected.

Of course Ryu has been electric over the last two seasons. However, he has also been injury prone throughout his career. Focusing on his MLB career, the 32 year-old missed all but one start in the 2015 and 2016 seasons, and half of the 2018 season with major injuries.

Understandably, so many missed starts and his age — 33 in March 2020 — are likely to cause pause for organizations looking to back the brinks truck up to the free agent. Boras spun it in the most Boras way possible.

He is, age-wise, 32, but the truth is, innings-wise, he’s probably about 26 or 27, because he doesn’t have many innings on his arm — that makes him very valuable.

That’s one way to put it.

Continuing on, the agent did offer a more realistic take to South Korea’s Yonhap News.

He had a Cy Young season. He was the best pitcher in the league. We’re really excited about his future and we’re just beginning to see the real Ryu.

Ryu no doubt had an incredible season. The Korean Monster lead all of baseball with a 2.32 ERA in 29 starts in 2019. Moreover, he started for the National League in the All-Star game this season, and is in the running for the NL Comeback Player of the Year award.

“Babe Ryuth” sure picked a good time to have the best season of his career so far. And Scott Boras is chomping at the bit to get (Ryu) paid… in true Boras fashion. On the idea of looking for a short term deal with big money, or a longer deal with a smaller value, the not-so poet laureate gave us a classic.

That’s like saying, with a car, do want the engine or the steering wheel? You want both

It was fun while it lasted, Ryu!

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    1. Agreed, if that could actually be the case, take Cole and say Babe Ryu, take your bat to the American League, maybe the Angels. But I would have to have a pretty hard commit from Cole first!

  1. Always liked him and thought he was underappreciated. That said, he’s a mid-rotation guy for which Boras will find someone to over pay. Thanks for the time and wish him the best.

  2. Ryu is a good ,not a great pitcher. A team’s fortune will neither be won nor lost on his arm. I say offer him a 2 year deal and an automatic 3rd year if he pitches “x” number of innings in the first 2 years. In his last 5 seasons he’s averaged only 14 starts because of injuries and poor physical conditioning. This year was an anomaly at this point. Starting pitchers over 35, with a few exceptions, decline pretty rapidly so don’t be suckered by Boras’ bs.

  3. He really should get something like $10-$12M per year as a base and then structure in a bunch of incentives. I say this based on his injury history and age. Boras won’t do that, but it really should be the solution.

  4. Terrific season but no way should Doyers lock themselves into some 5 year deal with May, Urias and others waiting . He faded down the stretch and is injury plagued.. what are the chances a high contract works out?

  5. Ryu did a great job this year! So thankful for all that he put in for the Dodgers with his effort and hard work. We will miss him and Honeycutt. I truly doubt Friedman will get Cole at such a high price but we will need a new ace pitcher to lead the Dodgers to 2020 because Kershaw and Buehler wont be enough to win a World Series next year!

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