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Dodgers News: MLB Won’t Look Into Magic Johnson Tampering Charges

Prior to Game 1 of the NLDS, Dodgers minority owner Magic Johnson made comments about whether or not he expected the Dodgers to sign impending Yankees free agent Robinson Cano.

Johnson said that he didn’t expect the Dodgers to sign Cano as they’ll look to lock up ace Clayton Kershaw to a lucrative multi-year deal over the winter. Cano is said to be looking for close to $300 million and while he won’t get that much money, it’s unlikely that the Dodgers throw their hat in the ring.

Since Cano is still technically Yankees property until after the World Series, there was talk that Johnson would be hit with a tampering, but that isn’t the case according to Jon Heyman of

The Dodgers will be in the market for a second baseman and have made their interests known in Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero as they were close to locking him up before he hired super-agent Scott Boras.

Meanwhile, many are taking the “we’ll believe it when we see it” approach about the Dodgers lack of interest in Cano, but a lack of an offense in the NLCS could sway management to decide to pursue Cano after all.

When the Guggenheim Group bought the Dodgers, Johnson was seen as a figurehead as Kasten, Ned Colletti and the baseball operations staff are the ones making personnel decisions. Johnson will be in free agent meetings and it sounds like he’s free to talk about any impending free agent without a tampering charge.


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