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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts and AJ Pollock Are Gold Glove Finalists

The Gold Glove Nominations were announced on Thursday. The Dodgers had multiple players on the list. Mookie Betts was not a huge surprise. Betts has been a defensive wizard for most of his career. AJ Pollock’s was probably the one most welcomed and surprising for Dodger fans.

Nevermind The Pollocks

2021 was a redemption year for Pollock. In Pollock’s first year with the Dodgers in 2019, the observations about Pollock’s declining defense were endless. He looked like he couldn’t get his legs under him, his range was greatly reduced and routine plays he made in Arizona were difficult in Dodger blue. This was the season the Dodgers had Cody Bellinger moved to the outfield to help with the weaning center field depth. Thankfully in 2021, Pollock’s defense improved greatly. Partly due to playing more often in left field, and partly Pollock having a clean bill of health for the time he was in the outfield.

Pollock won a gold glove as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks back in 2015. Could he win another this year?

You’re The Betts Around

This one is no surprise. Betts has won a gold glove each of his last five seasons, and he’s going for his sixth straight this season. Betts winning this gold glove is probably more likely than Pollock, although Tyler O’Neil had a great season as well. Betts has a cannon of an arm, a terrific jump on every fly ball, and above-average speed in the outfield. He can play center field as well as right field. Check this out.

When Will We Know?

Lucky for Dodger fans, we only have to wait just over a week. The winners will be revealed on Sunday, Nov. 7, on ESPN at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Best of luck to our boys in blue!

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AJ Gonzalez

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    1. Good for him but I’m not a big gold glove guy – I think offensive recognition has a way of creeping in for the award. Personally, I think he’s middle of the road defensively.
      He is, however, ranked 19th for outfielder average salary. He’s due to make 13M next year and 10M the following. Hard to find a veteran player that contributes more for the money.

      1. Bum4, guess Kike is a real steal then by that metric 😉

        BTW I beg to differ on your hypothesis about offensive production sneaking into choices for gold gloves. Try explaining some past recipients. Heyward, Geronimo, and Pettis are never going to be mistaken as great hitters.

    1. Joe, I’m tryin to make Bum4 realize I still root for a guy even if I criticize him. Hey if my fav Dodger messes up? I’ll be the first one all “up in his grill!”

      I don’t play favorites! Not my deal. I try to always have supportable evidence to back my opinions. If someone wants to beg to differ? I’ll listen with an open ear, I might be wrong, and if I am I’ll be the first one to admit it! I certainly won’t let pride be an issue.

      I think we are all here for the same reason. To root the Dodgers on. We are all different in our observations, think about things differently, have our favorites, etc.

      In the end it’s all good.

      1. yes of course. Betts is great in the field. AJ not so much – slowing down a bit, though he’s healthy he’s serviceable out there, like a lot of the Dodger fielders. but Gold Glove???

        1. Joe, AJ has already won one previously so it’s not like he’s a bad fielder. He made a couple of really nice plays in left robbing Manny in San Diego (couldn’t happen to a nicer guy lol) and another in Arizona (can’t recall who on that one). So I can certainly understand the selection. I think CT3 is a better fielder than AJ though. AJ even admitted to such in Arizona when CT3 came in as a late inning defensive replacement.

          This is another reason why I get all bent out of shape over all these critics about the offense going cold…why do teams bring in late game defensive replacements if offense is soooo important???? Hmmm? Riddle me this, riddle me that lol.

          1. PS, Braves won game 3 of the WS by holding the the BEST OFFENSE IN BASEBALL SCORELESS!

            We can thank the “Great Dodger in the sky” for letting the Braves do their best Orel impersonation lol.

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