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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Could Be Heading to the Injured List

Health just has not been one of the Dodgers’ strong suits in 2021. It seems like it has been a battle all year long to keep guys healthy and in the lineup on a daily basis. And that might be one of the reasons that they still find themselves out of the top of the NL West. 

Add Mookie Betts to the list of guys that could be seeing more time on the injured list this week. The Dodgers had to scratch Betts from the lineup ahead of their game against the Phillies thanks to that hip injury flaring up again. 

Dave Roberts said before the game that there was a good chance he would land on the injured list. And the timing if that certainly isn’t ideal. 

Just achy, sore; basically can’t play. I don’t know what other tests we’re going to do, but to envision an IL happening, it’s very probable. … I’m frustrated for Mookie, because he wants to go out there and he can’t physically do it.

The Dodgers have already said that they are going to have to work around Mookie’s hip injury for the rest of the year. Doc also noted after the game that when they do give him rest, Mookie still seems to have issues the next day. 

We’ve given it days, and it almost seems like when he comes off the off-day, it’s worse. I think everything’s on the table right now. We’re having conversations, tests, and I think we’ll know more later.

Doc had also noted that surgery was likely not on the table for this season. But in the offseason, that could be an option for the Dodgers and Betts. It’s just been an issue that keeps popping up and doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. 

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If Mookie does have to go to the injured list, the Dodgers have a few guys that could see more reps. Matt Beaty could get more at-bats in the outfield and Bily McKinney should get more of an opportunity. 

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  1. The Dodgers do not need to wait around to decide that Betts needs to hit the IL by the way Roberts described this irritating hip issue. Why be an additional position player short while JT is now unavailable for a few days as well. And off season surgery just may be necessary for Betts in any event.

  2. Sounds to me like the Dodgers are resigning themselves to being in the WC game. That’s ok, WC teams have won the WS in the past.

    1. I feel good starting Sherzer in a one game wild card against anyone…..It’s just worrysome that Roberts will have a 1 run lead late and he’ll be throwing Jansen. Basically a wild card game is a game 7, do or die. This entire season will go for not if he keeps using Kenley as his last pitcher in the biggest games. My hope is Duffy can be lights out for 6, then use Urias as the stopper like he did last year. Kenley will be the death of this team once again…..Still can’t understand the entitlement and loyalty Roberts has especially when Kenley will be gone next season anyways.

    2. Tim, are you comfortable with how Roberts would manage this WC game? IDK. But an offense that in back to back innings left the bases full WITHOUT scoring is a problem. although Dodgers got the pitching to win on Tuesday.

  3. With 50+ games left we need to win as many as possible. We’re not going to catch the Giants and the Padres are right on our tail. Have to keep the pedal to the metal or we’re going to be out altogether.

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