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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Feeling Better Than Ever

The Dodgers are going to have Mookie Betts for the final stretch of the season. That wasn’t really in question even with looming uncertainty surrounding the health of his hip. When he went on the injured list, the only question was when he was going to return. 

And across the board, it seemed like the general consensus was that he might not be back until September. Dodgers fans were treated to a pleasant surprise this week when Dave Roberts revealed that he could actually go out on a rehab assignment soon. 

Then today, Dave had everyone feeling good about Mookie’s progress. Doc mentioned Betts’ pain level and how the Dodgers were sure it had gone away at this point in his recovery. Betts has also been doing baseball drills for the last few days

I had a brief conversation with Mookie today, and he said it (the pain) was gone. And he said it with a smile. I haven’t seen him smile like that in quite some time. So now, to ramp up the activity and get him swinging the bat, and running around and throwing the baseball, and catching balls in the outfield, that’s obviously the next progression. \

Prior to Thursday’s game against the Mets, Mookie spoke with media about his hip and the status of his pain. According to the Dodgers superstar, this is the best that he has felt for the entire 2021 season. (quotes courtesy of the OC Register’s Bill Plunkett)

This is the first time in a long time I’ve felt normal. I feel normal now. I feel like the beginning of spring training now. There’s no pain at all or anything. Hopefully, I can stay on this path and I’ll be perfectly fine.

Doc had also said that he expected the Dodgers to get him some work before activation, and that doesn’t necessarily mean he even needs a rehab assignment. They could pivot and do a simulated game or get him a bunch of live at-bats 

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Regardless of what he does to get back, the Dodgers are getting Mookie back very soon. And that is very bad news for the rest of the NL West and teams across the league,. 

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  1. 2b. Turner
    Rf. Betts
    Ss Seager
    3b Turner
    1b Muncy
    Lf. Pollock/Beatty
    Cf Taylor/ Bellinger
    C Smith/ Barnes
    P Scherzer, Buehler, Urias, Kershaw
    Not a bad postseason lineup!

      1. I agree with Robin, but with these guys, you put Trea and Mookie at the top, and the rest of those guys can be mixed just about any way you want. If they stay healthy, wow, 2019 league MVP not good enough to be a starter with this group, that’s insane.

    1. You really should have a left handed batter in the two hole. More of the right side is open with a runner on first. Either Muncy or Seager. Forget the /’s, Beatty, Bellinger and Barnes will have to come off the bench is a must win game. IMO something like this:
      T Turner
      J Turner

      1. ck your list – 1 too many Turners! Belli in CF, Betts in RF, AJ in LF; Taylor is on the bench as pinch hitter or subs for 1 of the starters

    1. Betts most likely will bat 3rd with Muncy in the 2 hole. Before Mookie went down that’s where Roberts had him with Trea leading off. When Seager gets a day off. Betts will play 2nd, and Trea will go to SS.

      1. Trea has not and will not play SS this year. Taylor plays SS when Corey is out. Trea is our new 2nd baseman and getting better defensively everyday

        1. Joe, the other day when Seager was out of lineup, it was Trea Turner who was playing SS. And if I recall, Roberts indicated that Trea would play short whenever Seager is out of starting lineup. For now anyway.

  2. It’s great news that Mookie is feeling so good. We can only dream about what a healthy Betts will mean to this team down the stretch and beyond.
    However, even he won’t know if he can continue to feel good until he gets back into action.
    Especially with the way he plays the game on offense and defense (even at 2nd base) he puts maximum strain on his body.
    So, let’s see what he can do, maybe, under a modified workload management scenario and with
    T. Turner carrying most of the load as the Dodgers’ primary base stealing threat.

  3. so hope Betts is good thru October! with him and Trea at the top of the line-up Dodgers will be unbeatable in the playoffs!

  4. Yea, Mookie said he’s feeling good w/ no pain, but remember he had a cortisone shot. Everyone who had one knows it can make you feel good instantly, but how long it will last as you’re only masking the problem, and you can’t take another one for a few months. Hope he can play for the next 10 wks. w/ minimal pain and not injure it more. He might have to suck it up for the team…..guess that’s way you make the big bucks.

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