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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Headed to the Injured List With Hip Issue

The Dodgers have been waiting on making an official decision on Mookie Betts for the last week now. The superstar outfielder was forced out of the game last Saturday night with an issue in his hip. And despite appearing in the initial lineup on Monday against the Giants, Betts has yet to start a single game since.

Betts was officially sent to the injured list by the Dodgers today with the hip issue. Given the timing, that means that Betts will miss the series against the Giants this week. The team was able to retroactive the move 3 days back, which would likely have him return in the series against Houston. 

The timing is unfortunate given Mookie’s recent emergence with the bat. He went 7-for-9 in the first 2 games out of the break and took one at-bat against the Giants on Monday. Across his last 5 games, Betts is 12-for-17 with 7 extra-base hits and 7 runs driven in.

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Betts has reportedly been dealing with this hip issue for most of the year. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts did say last week that it flared up and is worse than it has been in recent weeks. But after missing 8 consecutive starts, they obviously felt it was best to send him to the IL.

In his place, the Dodgers activated RHP Jimmy Nelson off of the injured list. Nelson has been out since before the All-Star break and makes his return. 

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  1. Tough news regarding Betts. But many of us have been holding our breath regarding his health status all season. You could smell that there was an injury issue that we weren’t aware of, that was going to eventually bite him hard. So much speculation generated because the Dodgers Organization would not come clean as to what Betts’ specific injury was. Fans thought that it was his back or maybe his shoulder or maybe lingering effects of him being hit on the forearm by a pitch or all of the above. We never heard about the hip injury until recently and only recently has Roberts disclosed that Betts has been dealing with that injury much of the season, maybe since day 1. Only now is he being put on the IL. The numerous injuries suffered by Dodgers’ players this season have been frustrating enough to deal with as fans, but the lack of specifics as to the nature of the injuries and information regarding realistic recovery timelines has made it especially tough.

  2. I’ll take CT3 all day and pass on a injured Betts. Especially if he has been playing injured. This no hit lineup make me make a move to the Olympic. See ya

  3. This team is Running out of time to get healthy. They haven’t really played all together since April. At this point Bellinger likely never take off, Betts never took off, Seager probably has the best shot. I wouldn’t hold my breath on Graterol or Nelson actually staying on the field permanently and as far as Kershaw goes he already struggles as it is at times with velocity and curveball sharpness now will be recovering from an injury. Make some moves Friedman and not small market moves but moves that s team trying to start a dynasty would make

  4. I noticed some time ago Betts had that look on his face when his swing went into its final motion that only a hip or lower back injury gives.. Got to give it the guy, he never complains.

    1. Why should he complain? The fan base kisses his ass and he’s a friggin multi, multi millionaire.

  5. This has been a season of musical minor leaguers and so far it’s been a disaster The bottom of the lineup 7 and 8 (sometimes 6 too) has been Double A baseball(some even A). Get real find some real pros to stand in for the disabled. Don’t try to fool us with fakes like Souza, Nelson, and


  6. I am very disappointed with all the injured players. It n
    It is not just the Dodgers, Nearly every team has been hit by injuries. What had changed? Is it the season after Covid or what? These guys make so much money that they can’t afford to play through pain

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