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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Helps Out Austin Barnes, Joe Kelly Mania, and More!

Joe Kelly was the talk of the town this past week after the Dodgers reliever made an appearance on the Big Swing Podcast. Kelly didn’t hold back in his sentiment on the league and Astros, and it truly is a can’t miss podcast. 

Speaking of Joe Kelly, he revealed some interesting information about battery mate Austin Barnes. He has apparently been working with Mookie Betts in the cages and taking some advice from the former MVP. Since that news came out, Barnes does seem to be hitting much better.

Dodgers: Rob Lowe Has a Simple Fix for LA Feud With Houston Astros


Again on Joe Kelly, the league finally made a decision on his suspension. Kelly filed an appeal with MLB following his initial 8-game ban, and it was pushed down to 5. Kelly and the Dodgers were still understandably not satisfied with the length. 

Dodgers: Decision Made by MLB on Joe Kelly’s Suspension Appeal

Part of the reason they were not satisfied was the recent suspension of Ramon Laureano. He charged at the Astros dugout inciting a benches-clearing incident just days after the Dodgers and Astros went toe-to-toe. Laureano got his suspension cut down to just 4 games after appeal. 

Dodgers: Internet Goes Crazy Comparing Joe Kelly’s Suspension to A’s Laureano

Justin Turner also recently talked about Joe Kelly’s experience on the podcast. For Turner, the Astros did something that will be felt for a very long time by very many. Especially players on this team. 

Dodgers: Justin Turner Sounds off on the Long-Lasting Effect of the Astros’ Scandal

And of all people, Rob Lowe said that he has a solution for how the Astros and Dodgers can fix tensions between the two sides. In short, Lowe really wants Los Angeles to throw at Alex Bregman. 

Dodgers: Rob Lowe Has a Simple Fix for LA Feud With Houston Astros

All of that news and more this week from your favorite Los Angeles baseball team! 

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