Dodgers News: Mookie Betts is Perfect Again in Birthday Bowling Outing

A true athlete in the sports world is never good at just one sport. Mookie Betts clearly fits the description of the true athlete and showed the world once again that he can truly do it all. 

Betts spent a night of celebration for his 30th birthday and knew exactly what he needed to do to help ease more stress ahead of the NLDS. As seen in previous videos, Betts is a great bowler. 

Great might even be an understatement at this point as even after a night of partying, Betts took to the lanes and bowled a perfect game. That’s right, when Betts isn’t at the plate avoiding strikeouts, he’s at the lanes going 12 frames with only strikes.

The talents further challenge the idea of what it would be like if Betts took to other sports instead of making baseball his full time hobby. Luckily for Dodgers fans, they won’t have to worry about Betts leaving the game any time soon. 

After being traded to the Dodgers and signing a 12-year $365 million extension, Betts immediately made an impact with the Dodgers and already has a World Series ring with the team. Now Betts is the leader of arguably the greatest Dodgers team of all time and will look to be the leader once again in the NLDS. 

It eases the mind knowing Betts is just as effective at knocking home runs out of the park as he is with knocking down pins.

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