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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Placed on the Injured List Again

The Dodgers are once again going through a stint with a bunch of injuries piling up. Much like most of the 2021 season, Los Angeles has had to place several guys on the injured list at one time and call up guys from Triple-A. 

Today, the Dodgers are placing Mookie Betts on the injured list with his lingering hip issue. Dave Roberts had noted on Tuesday night that a stint on the IL was very likely for Mookie after he was scratched from the lineup. 

The timing for the Dodgers obviously isn’t ideal. This current road trip kicks off a period of time in which they play 13 consecutive games and 22 games in 23 days overall. It’s going to take a big push from their roster, especially chasing the Giants by 4 games in the NL West. 

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In his brief return to action, Betts had been hitting pretty well in the month of August. He picked up 8 hits in 21 at-bats, including 3 homeruns and 4 runs driven in. In his absence, the Dodgers will likely go with more Matt Beaty and Billy Mckinney at the bottom of the lineup. 

The Dodgers obviously want Mookie as healthy as can be for when they make a run in October. For the moment, resting him up for a decent period of time seems to be their only real option. Look for him to get days off even when he does return from the IL though. 

The Dodgers are adding Edwin Uceta in his spot on the roster this week with a bullpen game scheduled. 

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  1. I am frustrated with Mookie. Seems like we haven’t gotten our money’s worth so far. I really want Corey to be a Dodger for life, but how can we afford the money he truly deserves ???? I would much rather have Seager than Betts. And now with Trea Turner ….???. He is a real hustler. He motivates and gets the Dodgers fired up.

    Just my opinion. …….

    1. Because of these BP games Roberts once again has to play with a short bench, and made even shorter now because JT is riding the pine and can’t play. What a mess this is! Uceta, no thanks but in any event this rough stretch of games will be very difficult to navigate through as it is.

    2. we need pitching not hitting/defense. we’re good with Trea Turner and Corey hitting, AJ on a tear and Cody heating up

  2. Dodgers again now with 14 pitchers and only 12 position players on active roster. One can only HOPE & PRAY that a Dodger position player can keep from getting injured at this point. Or who knows, Roberts and Co. could go to having 15 pitchers and only 11 position players but that would be too extreme, even for Roberts.

    1. Other than JT and Betts, Dodgers have all the position players they need now. Best shape they have been in since Opening Day to Game 4. We need the BP games until we get a 5th starter ready: Kersh, Duffy or ? Not like Andrew isn’t trying. Being the #2 team in the NL is still quite a feat despite all the injuries

      1. We can only hope these continued use of BP games don’t burn out most of relievers available. But playing with only 12 position players leaves Dodgers a little vulnerable in late inning tight games or extras, because there have been times when Dodgers have had to send pitchers, relievers up to hit in a key situation. Options late in the game are less. But if JT can avoid the IL that would be ideal . I can only hope the BP, whoever relievers are available can hold it together for late September and October.

  3. They have said that he has been suffering w/ this hip inflammation for a while and now his back is also ailing. I have said this before, but the cause of this could be his bowling. Mookie is a high average bowler and I don’t know how often he bowled in tournaments, but Mookie baseball is your livelihood. I used to bowl in leagues @ twice a wk., and I had hip and back pain. I have had chiropractic and acupuncturist therapies to relieve the pain, which helped for a while, but the pain did not disappear until I quit bowling completely. I am not saying it’s the same kind of injury, but for me hearing this it sounds very similar. Luckily for Mookie he has the best medical attention money can buy.

      1. Anytime you’re doing repetitive motion only on side of the body and constantly exerting a dead weight forward your body eventually will break down. Golfers also suffer from hip and back pain from the same repetitive motions done over and over for a period of time. But that’s on me being only a recreational athlete. I am no Mookie who is a super professional athlete.

  4. Dodgers and all of us here must realize that if not during this season, but in the off season, hip surgery is what Betts might need to have. He’s going back to LA to meet up with Doctors and then WSS.

  5. BTW, Bellinger’s resurgence at the dish couldn’t have come at a better time. It means that with Betts and JT down Robert’s initial plan to platoon Cody to start only against RHP will now have to be set aside.

  6. Is it too late to trade mookie?

    Hopefully we will get 5 or 6 years out him, but he will never hold for all 12 years of the contract.

    When will owners ever learn that big long fat contracts never work out.

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