Dodgers News: Ned Colletti Discusses Emotions After Being Re-Assigned

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have undergone an enormous amount of changes since their season ended in October. In the front office, the hires that were made hint at an organizational change where the core principles of the team will be in line with the growing trend of saber metrics and advanced analytics.

On the field, a team was assembled that reflects those core values with the intention of bringing a championship to Los Angeles while lowering the payroll from gargantuan to still substantial. Largely forgotten amid all the changes is former Dodgers general manager and current senior advisor with the team, Ned Colletti.

In an interview with Bill Dwyre of the LA Times, Colletti reflected on how he felt shortly after being re-positioned within the organization:

At first, when it happened,” Colletti says, “my feelings were a little bit hurt. But I’ve always been clear on one thing. I’m far from perfect. I’m more human than perfect.

After taking more time to reflect, however, Colletti said he liked the change of pace that came with his new position and added he realized soon after being removed as general manger that pride and ego can sometimes get the better of a person:

When pride and ego become your individual culture, you have some rough roads ahead,” he said.

In his nine seasons as general manager of the Dodgers, Colletti constructed a team that reached the postseason five times and made three NLCS appearances. One of his largest downfalls last season was assembling a bullpen chock-full of relief pitchers with closer’s experience, but none whom were able to pitch effectively on a consistent basis.


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  1. understandable that his feelings would be hurt. he is only human. but he will feel validated at the end of the season when the team he put together, only to be dismantled by the genius, finishes fourth

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