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Dodgers News: Ned Colletti Non-Committal to Dan Mattingly

The Dodgers had very high hopes at the beginning of the season and unfortunately didn’t live up to those expectations. As the losses piled up, Don Mattingly’s seat continued to get hotter.

Mattingly was the heir apparent to  Joe Torre and with such a high payroll this season, fingers started to point to the manager.

Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti was on with Mason and Ireland on ESPN LA 710 to discuss a myriad of things and was asked about Mattingly’s status past this season:

We still hold an option on Don and I think everybody is focused on the last two months of the regular season. Getting this team as good as we can and playing like we’ve played our focus right now. We’re not looking at staff or player personnel situations, pending free agency, or stuff like that.

As we head towards August, the Dodgers are now in first place in the NL West and Mattingly’s seat has gotten considerably cooler.

A lot of the argument for keeping Mattingly was the fact that the Dodgers had so many injured players and clearly they’ve taken off since everyone’s been healthy.

While the Dodgers hold an option for Mattingly past this season, Colletti and management have a decision to make when it comes to his job status.


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