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Dodgers News: New Details Emerge on the Astros Cheating Scandal

The Astros cheating scandal that rocked the sports world will be felt for a very long time. That’s hard to deny at this point. Dodgers and Yankees fans will feel it for decades after being cheated out of a potential title. And other teams around baseball probably feel the same. 

But with each passing day, the reminder of the scandal does seem to be less and less. That’s bound to happen with time passing and players from that 2017 team moving on. But the latest report from The Athletic is sure to have Dodgers fans feeling strongly about things once again. 

The report reveals that Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow deleted a lot of information off of his phone during the investigation by MLB. So much so that there were not any phone calls listed on Luhnow’s phone, which is obviously not normal for any adult. 

“According to people with knowledge of the league’s investigation, the GM of the Astros had wiped every back-up from his phone, besides one, and other data was missing as well. Yet, MLB found Luhnow had deleted source data on the phone as well, people with knowledge of the investigation said. Investigators found that Luhnow’s phone had no standard call logs, even though Luhnow had known phone calls with A.J. Hinch that should have been there. MLB also could not locate known email exchanges that should have been on his phone that were found on others’ devices.”

Obviously, this could mean any number of things that people will no doubt make assumptions on. Dodgers fans will obviously have some things to say, and you should drop them down into the comments if you have a thought about it. 

But we might never know what that information was that Luhnow had taken off of his phone. The Astros GM was banned from baseball for a year, and manager AJ Hinch also got a season off because of it. He would also receive a lifetime ban if he had another violation of this magnitude. 

But the drama around the Astros continues. 

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  1. Hudson should be banned for life for the cover up. Manfred must be fired. The 2017 championship must be vacated.

    1. Nah, not good enough imo. The trashtros team should be disbanded altogether, with the perpetrators banned from baseball. The 2017 title should be vacated. A new team should be formed in another city with new ownership, baseball execs, coaching staff, and players. Give others a chance at this opportunity since they screwed so many livelihoods and legacies. Hell, this isn’t so much of a stretch if Pete Rose is still banned after all these years. FTAs!

    1. Got that right, serious. The light penalties did even more damage to baseball than the cheating Asstroisks. Manfred’s a total complete joke. Not an ounce if respect.

    2. At least the Astros admitted their guilt. They got immunity if they told the truth. MLB didn’t dare investigate any other team. Players have since came out to say about half the teams were cheating. There would be no story without immunity. That’s what a lot of people don’t understand.

  2. Dodgers and Yankees….keep crying…keep buying players just to lose lmao y’all are some sorry fans

    1. Don’t be mad u got caught cheating, just own it and admit it! Everyone knows it happened and not enough was done to the Astros!

    2. Spoken from a loser himself. Dude you have no integrity. Tryin’ to throw insults to deflect the righteous heat away from his dirtbag heroes.

    3. Obviously doing more than the team your rooting for ds Dave ,typical LA hater comment , glad to hear how much the dodgers get under your skin, try and have a wonderful day ,Dave!

    4. Your comment says a TON about your LACK of Character

  3. So if it wasn’t for the cheating, the Dodgers would’ve gotten more hits and runs off of Verlander and won game 7 at home?

    1. Maybe the Astros don’t even win the division over the 162 (Says an A’s season ticket holder)

    2. Yes, that’s why cheating is bad because that’s exactly the point , the cheating Astros would have never had the opportunity to even be in the hunt for a championship and the true team to earn their way in for the chance of a world champion would have battled WITHOUT CHEATING –

      1. Yeah because they’ve just been in the postseason and two World Series since without cheating. The Astros invited the dodgers to a real 162 game season World Series in 2019 and 2021, but the dodgers couldn’t make it. Try harder instead of crying harder.

    3. Exactly…and the Astros won the ALCS again in 2019 and 2021…and had a better road record than at home…you crying babies just need to move

    4. Verlander wasn’t even pitching in game 7, but the ASSTROS never would have scored 4 runs off of Darvish, plus the ASSTROS never would have made it to the World Series, without CHEATING ALL YEAR. Any comment trying to justify the 2017 supposed Championship shows a lot about this person’s LACK of INTEGRITY. You’re ALL PATHETIC!!!

    5. Without the trash can help, Dodgers would have swept the three games in Houston and won 4-1. Based on several analyses, almost every hit the Astros got during the series in Houston was due to the hitter knowing what the pitch was going to be.

  4. EVERY MLB team has cheating scandals….get over it!!

    Los Angeles Dodgers
    The Dodgers have several documented instances of cheating in their past, as well as more recent reported cheating. In an October story by The Athletic, a Milwaukee Brewers source said the Dodgers “use video people to get sequences. It’s known throughout the league. MLB knows it’s an issue.” Another person inside the Brewers organization said on video of games, a Dodgers coach can be seen running from the hallway into the Dodgers’ dugout whenever a runner is on second, possibly a sign the Dodgers are relaying the signs to the runner. As for more concrete cheating: Wilton Guerrero was suspended for using a corked bat in 1997. During the Dodgers’ run to the 1988 World Series championship, closer Jay Howell was suspended during the playoffs for using pine tar in his glove. Preacher Roe, who was a four-time All-Star for the Dodgers in the 1950s, admitted, after he retired, to relying on a spitball

    1. Here-say and conjecture don’t count as an argument here. And it should be obvious that individual scandals are not even close to the same thing as it coming from the FRONT OFFICE as a real strategy for the entire year. Had the Astros caught another team, they could have used it to defend themselves. Don’t pretend if this were another team you’d be fine with the Astros being cheated on. No real fan would “get over it.”

  5. So the everybody was and has cheated argument sorry doesn’t fly about this issue. The Astro along with all other MLB teams were told at least a year prior to NOT use and and be involved in Electronic cheating. This was considered way over the top. The Astros denied they we doing it then admitted it afterwards but said it was only hone regular season game, then admitted ok we did it in away games too. The admitted ok we did home playoff game but no others. Then admitted you get the picture ok it was all games home and away including the World Series.

  6. Rumor has it that Jeff Luhnow the former GM of the Astros got advise from the former Secratary of state about bleach bitting his phone to delete all records.

  7. Well them rings ain’t going nowhere. So stick it in your ear! 3 world series in 5 years also says stick it, and prepared to shove it even further when it 4 for 6!

  8. Honestly, don’t you people have editors? Get someone to read your article and correct the errors. As for adding to the story, the fact that Ludlow deleted information from his phone is minor. And no mention of the Yankees cheating scandal? Perhaps instead of rehashing old news, you could do a bit of research and find out what occurred with the Yankees.

  9. How is this Dodger News? EVERYONE has cheated since the very beginning of baseball, they just weren’t caught or snitched on! Life goes on! Let it go this was 5 years ago, let’s get back to playing great baseball and being great fans that we once where!

  10. What a bunch of hypocritical whining babies. It makes me laugh at how pathetic the writer and the entire Dodgers and any other fanbase that believes this in the matter of fact that it was just the Astros.

  11. Pete Rose gets black balled for betting. Astros should get stripped if not MLB have the balls to put PETE ROSE in the HOF

  12. This is not a surprise or big news in my opinion. Of course Luhnow would try to destroy evidence. He’s a cheater. All the other cheaters would do the same and probably have to some extent. We probably don’t actually know the full extent of the cheating or to what degree each perpetrator or accomplice, or mastermind was involved. We will never truly know, only the astros and God. I hope they get their deserved justice at some point, because they got off scott free and are laughing in everyone’s face. Manfred needs to go.

  13. The Astros couldn’t make it in 2020 so stfu. Astros can’t win a legit title, period.

  14. Geez – get over it. Astros were penalized PLENTY. How about the Yankees and their slap on the hand for the same thing. ALL TEAMS including the Dodgers steal signs when they can!

  15. The Asstroisks did less damage to baseball than the flimsy slaps on the wrist in their disgusting flimsiness.

    Given the gravity of their overall impact on the sport, they should have been dismantled and salt spread on their field, as the Romans did to Carthage 2,000 years ago.

    As kind as I am, though, a 12 year suspension would do. Youd think they should be booed wherever they go, given the hoodlum ways they kept.

    The Commisioner is a joke, in all that he did. Or didn’t do.

    Break them up and let each go play for different Korean and Japanese teams! Where they might not contaminate everyone, if each is solo.

  16. Exactly. And why would anyone think they stopped cheating in 2018?? Just got better tech. Trash cans are just lowTex.

  17. Never expected the Dodgers to get the Championship because of this but the Astros win should be wiped from the record books!

  18. Hinch, and Luhnow should be BANNED for LIFE. ALL PLAYERS involved should be Banned for a YEAR. The 2017 Supposed Championship should be VACATED. The ASSTROS never would have won their division, let alone making it to the World Series. EVERYONE INVOLVED has ZERO INTEGRITY. Shame on all involved.

  19. Lakers cheated against Kings to get to Finals. NBA rigged it. You don’t here Sacramento crying

  20. They will always be the Houston Asterisks, They know it, the world knows it, and there is not thing one they can do about it. Once a Cheater, always a cheater. They will never win a another World Series where people won’t wonder if they cheated again…

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