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Dodgers News: One Way To Improve Dodger Stadium

With the Colorado Rockies reportedly raising their walls in the outfield to help curtail some of the home runs this season, it left Michael Clair of MLB dot com wondering what other approaches by teams at their stadium would lead to awesome results. Well, let’s take a guess at what the Los Angeles Dodgers’ improvement might be.

If you guessed that the improvement and improvisation would mean that we actually get to hear the voice of legendary broadcast Vin Scully while the actual game was going on, then you’d be correct! But, it came with a twist — because of course it did. Yet, with that said, people will still enjoy this twist.

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From Michael Clair of MLB dot com:

2. Dodgers – Speakers under the bases, so teams can listen to Vin Scully

Not only would this prove to be enormously popular because, c’mon, what person on this planet doesn’t want to listen to Vin Scully, but it will also be a handy way to distract the opposition. While the Dodgers will have special training to help them pay attention to the game, the opposition will likely be easily picked off while they’re too engrossed with one of Scully’s bonafide classic stories.

How cool would this be? Players on the field could actually get to listen to Vin Scully call a game and tell stories just like he’s been doing for longer than most of us have been alive. Teams would get to listen to him, enjoy him, and play a game while he serenades their ear canals with his soothing voice.

Vin Scully is one of the most iconic broadcasters in sports history, so players being able to hear him in real-time call their games would be one the highlights of any player’s life, and something they would treasure for eternity. Fans would just be smitten to hear him once this season.

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  1. That truly is a “dumb idea”, and for the 70% of the TV viewing Dodger fans who have been SHUTOUT from listening to Vin for the past 2 seasons, a better idea would be to let Direct & Dish TV back in!!??!!  Probably won’t happen, so thanks in advance to the greedy Dodger ownership for the 3rd straight, and last season with Vin Scully!!!!

  2. Better check your facts.
    As far as I know, Dodgers ownership put the team’s broadcast rights out to be bid on and Time Warner Cable (TWC) bid the highest – that’s capitalism last I checked.
    THEN, when TWC tried to contract with cable/satellite providers for those games, DirecTV – the biggest provider – decided they’re not interested in offering the games for an across-the-board monthly charge as they have done for every other team’s game broadcasts. DirecTV wants to establish a new billing method whereby clients would be billed for Dodgers broadcasts only if they want them – at a MUCH HIGHER monthly charge. Every other deal has been with a general charge to all clients for adding a new option on their slate of channels. This is the impasse.
    I don’t think its Dodger management’s “failing” or “greed” to try to get the highest value they can for games and thereby have the means to provide the strongest roster of players and best services to Dodgers fans. Yes, it KILLS me not to hear Vin but Dodgers management can’t MAKE DirecTV do something they don’t want just as they can’t MAKE TWC accept a billing approach that will likely make their investment in the Dodgers not be worth what they paid.

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