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Dodgers News: Padres Attempting to Price out Dodger Fans in San Diego

Being a baseball fan in California might be a little bit brutal in 2021. With MLB trying their best to get fans back in the stands, there is little doubt that ticket prices are going to be insane. Dodgers fans have already seen this with Opening Day tickets listed on third-party websites.

The Padres are likely going to be one of the California teams that get to open their season with 20 percent capacity. Under California’s tiered system for COVID-19, counties must be out of the Purple tier in order to host that number. The Dodgers are closing in on getting out of the Purple zone, but it’s going to be tight. 

But from what it sounds like, Dodgers fans won’t even get the chance to travel to see their games. Padres’ CEO Erik Greupner spoke with The San Diego Union about having fans by Opening Day and smirked when asked if fans in Los Angeles would have the chance to buy tickets at Petco Park. 

It’s dynamic right now both in terms of total capacity and how many of our Padres members are opting in. I think it’s a tough ticket to get. For them to try to get a ticket, it’s probably going to be a pretty significant premium. Maybe they enjoy staying in LA and watching the Dodgers play there.

Greupner previously explained that tickets would be available first to season ticket holders, but could eventually advance to individual game sales. Dodgers fans looking to get these tickets are likely going to have to pay the premium price listed on third-party websites. 

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A little bit of a jab at a rival never hurt anyone, but we can understand why they wouldn’t want it to turn into Dodger Stadium south. Dodgers fans have been the reason that the Padres have averaged decent attendance in years past, packing out Petco Park when the team is in town. 

We’ll let you have this one. 

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  1. If the Padres want to move up to the big table they probably need to build up their self confidence, for which squeezing out opposing fans sounds like a lack thereof. Why not trounce the opposing team with all their fans in your house, then hopefully the product you present will encourage your fans to come to the park. The Dodgers and their fans are not the problem and in order to solve any problem you need to properly identify it.

  2. If you want to show how good you are, you do it against opposing teams, not their fans. If Manfred was any kind of a commissioner, he would put policies in place to ensure that a certain percentage of ticket sales were made available to visiting fans for any games with restricted attendance. That would be “in the best interest of baseball”, so I don’t expect Manfred to do it.

  3. Not sure how you would even know who’s trying to buy the ticket but if there’s somehow a way to know that then the dodgers should’ve done that in past postseasons when the opposing fans embarrassed them, specifically 2016 against the Cubs and 2018 against the Red Sox which was the biggest embarrassment I’ve ever seen

    1. You know who’s buying the tickets if you only offer them to your own season ticket holders.

  4. Yes Dodgers fans should stay in LA – the hood. As a ex-Dodgers fan have some respect and enjoy the game at home and have Padres fans enjoy the game at their stadium. What are you trying to prove anyways?

    1. Baseball fans of all teams should be able to attend games at any ballpark that they choose. Teams have fans in different cities all over the country. Dodger fans aren’t trying to prove anything other than watching their team play, wherever that may be.

  5. This is a ridiculous and illogical take. The Padres are merely following the model imposed on them by CA which capacity to 20%. Thus, due to season ticket sales, anyone who is not a season ticket holder will have to buy tickets on the secondary markets. This has NOTHING to do with the Dodgers or their fans, who are being treated the EXACT SAME WAY as every other non-season ticket holder. Also, saying the Dodgers are the reason the Padres have decent attendance is pathetic and easily disproven.

    1. Can’t be disproven at all actually. During the Padres decade of rebuilding it was always a majority opposing fans when a big market team was in town, and when playing a team that didn’t travel well they still had a pathetic showing

  6. As a Dodger fan living in New Mexico, I take in a live Dodger game when I can, where I can. For a long distance fan, LA is expensive, and tickets at Dodger Stadium haven’t historically been any easier to get than those around the country to see my team (In fact many times harder to get). Not all of those Dodger fans visiting others stadiums are coming from outside the area. Dodger Nation exists in most corners of the US.

  7. A sea of blue in the stands gets to them, the same way it does with the D-backs fans. Pod fans remember how Raider fans used to outnumber the Charger faithful.

      1. LOL at Padre fan logic, celebrate in the streets for a WC but discredit a WS championship. Both in 60 game seasons

  8. All fans should be able to attend any games at any stadium! What kind of BS is this! And as far as Dodgers attendance at Petco Park, give me a break! There are always more Dodgers fans at those series! Same as Angels games and Diamondback games at their stadiums. Deal with it! LETS GO DODGERS!!!

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