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Dodgers News: Padres Pitcher Admits Crying Kershaw Meme ‘Not a Good Look’

The Dodgers and Padres are getting set for their second series of the season this weekend, this time at Dodger Stadium.

After the Padres took the first game of the series last week, the Dodgers stormed back to win games two and three, and ultimately take the series.

One of the bigger stories of the series came after game one, when the Padres beat Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers, and decided to put up a tasteless and immature meme of him crying on their Jumbotron. Almost no one outside of Padres fans liked the meme, and that includes their own players.

Padres All-Star RHP Joe Musgrove was recently on the show “Foul Territory,” and was asked about that infamous meme. He wasn’t a fan.

“I’m sure it pissed [the Dodgers] off. And it felt like a move more [for the fans],” Musgrove said. “Definitely not in the bucket of things to draw out and put on the scoreboard. But, I understand where the fanbase is and the excitement over it. But, first game of the year against the team that whooped our ass all year last year… I get what’s going on there, I don’t like it. I mean, that guy’s a Hall of Famer — I’ve heard nothing but good things about him. I spent some time with him at the All-Star game last year. I don’t think he’s ultra sensitive, I don’t think he’s looking too much into it. But yeah, it’s not a very good look on our behalf.”

It’s impossible not to love that response from Musgrove, as he knows the Padres aren’t in a place to make fun of the Dodgers like that, and even more so, Clayton Kershaw.

The 35-year-old has accomplished more in his career than the entire Padres organization, and has dominated them over the course of his 16-year career.

So, yes, the Padres got hot at the right time last season and took out the Dodgers in four games. And yes, they got two home runs off Kershaw in their first meeting of the year. But everyone knows they were out of line with that meme, and it’ll only came back to bite them when they lost the next two games of the series.

Kershaw isn’t scheduled to face the Padres this weekend (sadly). But he’s sure to get an opportunity for revenge later in the year, and he’ll likely make the most of it.

Noah Camras

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