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Dodgers News: Padres Reportedly Land Juan Soto in Blockbuster Deal

The biggest chip of the trade deadline might have just fallen. The Dodgers were heavily in on Juan Soto along with the Cardinals. Both of those teams stepped up their offers in a big way over the weekend, but it appears that it was not enough to land him. 

The Padres have reportedly agreed to a deal in principle to bring Juan Soto and Josh Bell to San Diego. That means the Padres will get a completely reloaded lineup to help them chase down the Dodgers in the National League West, trailing 12 games heading into Tuesday. 

But the deal has yet to be officially confirmed as of now. The prospect haul for this deal is expected to be incredible, as it should for a superstar like Soto. 

More on this as news continues to pour out…

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  1. Lol the Padress are not chasing down the Dodgers. The Dodgers own the Padres, and this trade isn’t changing that!

    1. I don’t think that the Padres can catch the Dodgers either, but with Tatis set to come back in a couple weeks and the additions of Soto and Bell, they could cause trouble in the playoffs.

  2. While I would have liked Soto to become a Dodger (who wouldn’t?), the cost was simply too great in terms of losing top prospects, and players like Lux. But I am concerned that the Padres landed Soto and he will obviously help their team and become a thorn in the Dodgers side for many years to come. How that plays out will TBD, but it is not good news that he is now in our own division. And we landed a Dud in Gallo for one of our top pitching prospects. Unless something changes in the next couple of hours, this will not be a stellar trade deadline year for Friedman. All eyes on Judge now!

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