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Dodgers News: Photos of Hyun-jin Ryu Recovery at Camelback Ranch

A few days ago, news broke that Hyun-jin Ryu had taken a big step towards recovery from shoulder surgery that kept him out all of 2015.

Well, rather than just having pictures of the throwing session released, there were videos that Ryu put on Instagram himself.

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This was just the first video. It shows Ryu casually throwing from flat land in an effort to build back up his arm strength. This seems like a meaningless thing to some at first glance, but it’s a really big deal. Torn labrums are tough to recover from, especially for a pitcher, and this is a monumental step. But that wasn’t all he showed.

This video shows Ryu clearly standing on a pitching mound and throwing off of it. This is the ultimate step for him. Now that he’s back throwing off of an actual mound, and also already at Camelback Ranch, it bodes well for a full recovery that should see him back either on Opening Day or shortly thereafter.

Michael Pineda is probably the most recent well-known pitcher to come back from a torn labrun, so there is hope that Ryu gets back to the level he once was at. Even if he’s not ready by the time Opening Day rolls around, the progress he’s made thus far is enough to give the team hope that he can contribute in 2016.

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