Dodgers News: Players Defend Use Of Bubble Machine

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Dating back to last season, it’s safe to say the Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t been considered the most traditional of teams. Yasiel Puig is known for his bat flips and is one of multiple players on the team who displays plenty of emotion on the field.

This season, the Dodgers have incorporated a bubble machine into their celebrations — primarily on home runs, but it’s made impromptu appearances in other big moments such as, walk-off wins and Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter.

On Wednesday, reports surfaced that MLB had instructed the Dodgers to no longer use a bubble machine in the dugout. The bubbles were absent Tuesday after Juan Uribe’s home run, but reemerged Wednesday after Matt Kemp’s home run in the second inning.

It’s unclear whether the Dodgers and MLB held further discussions regarding the bubbles, or if the team simply opted to defy MLB’s instruction. Following Wednesday’s dramatic win, A.J. Ellis said he hasn’t heard complaints and compared the bubbles to other means teams use to celebrate, via Bill Shaikin of the LA Times:

No one has ever mentioned the bubbles,” Ellis said. “Everybody has their own way to celebrate a home run. Ours includes a prop. So does Milwaukee, a guy sliding down a slide. So does New York, with a big apple popping up in center field. So many teams are firing off fireworks.

Ellis also believes the bubbles offer a break from the rigors of playing:

It’s fun for the fans. It’s a little innocent thing. This game is serious enough as it is. We get criticized enough for being stoic.”

Andre Ethier is another Dodger who doesn’t believe the team’s dugout should be an issue:

We’re just having a good time with it,” Ethier said. “If it’s not hurting anyone, other than bubble soap getting in someone’s eyes, it shouldn’t be a big deal.”

The Dodgers antics in their dugout earlier this season when fire officials reprimanded them for setting Scott Van Slyke’s foot on fire.

Whether or not the Dodgers will need to forgo bubbles as part of their dugout celebrations remains to be seen. Though if one thing appears likely, it’s the team finding a new twist to put on routine high-fives.

Dodgers Pull “Hot Foot” Prank On Scott Van Slyke

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  1. Why would they stop the bubble machine? My 8 year old son loves it and asked me why they aren’t allowed to use the bubble machine. What am I supposed to tell him? That it’s because baseball is boring and old farts run it?

  2. All because they don’t like people having fun. They arnt hurting anyone. And the role model remark. How about the parents be their own child’s role model.

  3. Here we go again,the dictators not liking something fun they want 2 ban it!!
    I see nothing wrong with the bubble machine and in fact it breaks the tension from the whole team.

  4. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe this is even making news! It’s a BUBBLE MACHINE!!!!!! It’s probably much safer for the environment than fireworks. Get over it MLB. May the bubble machine live on! I hope they install industrial bubble machines at dodger stadium that way the bubbles can fly all over the stadium. The kids in attendance would love that.

  5. What in the world is it hurting? What about the big displays, whistles, horns, fireworks, etc. are they banned also? This is total BS!! Can not believe a little dugout celebration is not politically correct. Hope they reconsider their decision. Kind of stupid!!!!!

  6. Agree totally. If I was a kid I would love it. If MLB will not let them, than the fans should do it as an act of defiance of this stupid rule, or are other owners just jealous because we made it up.

  7. We like it so much that I went out and bought one! Now, my girlfriend turns it on every night when I get home!

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