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Dodgers News: Reactions to Dave Roberts Winning NL Manager of the Year

On Tuesday, Dave Roberts was named the NL Manager of the Year, in his first year with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Roberts joins Tommy Lasorda in Dodgers managers to win this prestigious award.

Lasorda claimed the title of NL Manager of the Year in twice during his career:

  • 1983
  • 1988

The Dodgers skipper was up against Cubs manager Joe Maddon and Dusty Baker of the Nationals.

Here are some of the reactions:

Roberts received 16 first-place votes, seven second-place, and seven third-place votes.

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Celebrities even jumped on congratulating the Dodgers manager.

Congrats to Dave Roberts on his success in his first season with the Dodgers and many cannot wait to see what is in store for him.

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  1. Dave richly deserved it. He did it without the best pitcher on the planet for two months and a patch work lineup. Come on Friedman, open your checkbook up. It’s the Dodger’s money, not yours. Sign Jansen and Turner, at least. The Giants have them both targeted and if they go to S.F. the Giants are the automatic favorites.

  2. I will both agree and disagree with Brad on some points.  In my HMO, Dave did not richly deserve it. He did a good job but not a great job with the available talent.  The true thanks and congrats for our successful season should go to our veteran players and the new kids who came up through our farm system.  Much credit should go to those players and minor league coaches and managers for doing a helluva great job.  Dave is no Tommy.  Tommy had the ability to chew a players ass out when needed, and then mentor them on how to improve and deliver.  Dave seems just to be a “butt slapper” or “hi 5r”.  Why didn’t he go give Puig the boot when he was laying down on the dugout bench during the game?  Why is he constantly looking at line-up card with befuddled look on his face during games?  How often did any of us see Tommy looking befuddled?  Dave is no Tommy and has a long ways to go!  I will agree, sign Jansen, Turner, and go get us Chapman and some other bats.  Bring back Rich Hill and adios questionable and dead weight relievers.  The Dodger fans deserve a World Series Championship in 2017….worry about 2018 and the following years after that!  Have a great day all!

  3. Dave is no Tommy? It was the man’s first time managing, period. He lost Kershaw for two months, Had duds like McCarthy, Anderson, Kazmir and assorted other sore arms to man the rotation. He had virtually no right-handed bats. And above all else, he wasn’t a cadaver in the dugout like Don Mattingly was.

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